FullSizeRenderLast week, I was contacted by a company called Pitango to sample and review their newly released item: Meal Pots.

Of course I was super excited to be given the opportunity to not only sample some delicious food but also to potentially grow my website. However, in saying that- I am always apprehensive about what brands I promote and work with as I will only offer my followers true and honest reflections, beliefs and opinions and only promote brands and items that I truly believe contribute to a healthy, fit and positive lifestyle.

So I did my research on Pitango and was delighted by what I read. In fact, I was almost disappointed in myself that I didn’t find this brand sooner! Pitango started out as a small soup van over 15  years ago. Now, much bigger, are selling their fresh, KITCHENmade soup from Woolworths and other leading grocery stores. However, what I like most about pitango (other than the flavours of course!) is that their commitment and obsession for real food, that tastes great and is healthy, hasn’t left their vision. They use natural ingredients that you would find in your kitchen at home and even make their stocks from scratch, fresh, every day. They select the finest quality ingredients and use simple techniques to bring out the best flavour.

Pitango promises the following:
– they only ever use the highest quality, 100% natural, fresh ingredients
– they sustainably source our ingredients from small, local growers
– their food is always FRESH (That’s why you find it in the chiller section of the Woolworths Deli)
– their soups and risottos are always additive and preservative free
– they offer Gluten Free, Organic and Free Range options
– they make every pack mouth-wateringly YUMMY!

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 7.54.18 pmYes- it’s true! Pitango products are packed full of flavour! Today for lunch I enjoyed the Japanese Miso Chicken & Soba Noodles Meal Pot which consisted of soba noodles & free range chicken, served Japanese style in a delicate miso & ginger sauce. I literally had to remove the cardboard surrounding, heat for two minutes, stir and enjoy. I was lazy and just ate it straight from the pot but it looked so good if I had dished it up in a bowl, no one would have believed that it was a “microwave meal”.  It was delicious and had strong, amazingly unexpected flavours. I could most certainly tell that the ingredients were fresh as I could almost perfectly pick out each and every ingredient in the dish based purely on the flavours I was tasting. No- I could not taste Preservative 202- why? Because it doesn’t have any!

As a hard core meal prepper, I usually spend countless hours in the kitchen on a Sunday prepping my lunches and dinners for the upcoming week. It was so nice to know that this quick, easy and “prep-free” meal was not only delicious but super easy and could be worked to fit my macros. Although not something I would eat every day, the variety and easy of the meal pots were ideal. In fact, the American took the Spanish Chickpea & Chorizo Meal Pot to work for lunch today- we had a crazy busy weekend and did ZERO food prepping! Scott, who is a little less health focused as I am, cares only for quality and flavour. He messaged straight after lunch saying how surprised he was that a “little pot meal” could be so satisfying and substantial. He didn’t need any snacks after and was content for the rest of the work day.
He commented on how flavourful the chorizo was and that he too could tell that the ingredients were of good quality. The free range smoky chorizo, chickpeas, rice and spinach in a chunky tomato & red wine sauce was the perfect combination and he too enjoyed the ease and convenience of this item.

It is much better grabbing a Pitango Pot from the fridge and being satisfied by good quality healthy foods rather than opting for fast food or grazing all day on the wrong snacks! Tomorrow I will be having the Sri Lankan Chicken Curry with Rice for lunch which boasts free range chicken and potato, combined in a spicy Sri Lankan style coconut curry sauce with basmati rice. With a super busy week at work, packing up my apartment and preparing for our moving overseas- these guys came at exactly the right time! Get on it!

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