IMG_5199On Saturday morning, Scott drove me out to West Hollywood so that I could meet one of my biggest inspirations, Holly Holton and train at her incredible “female only” gym- Pink Iron.

If you haven’t already ready my previous blog post about Pink Iron, I suggest you do by CLICKING HERE so that you can get the full story and ready about how amazing this gym really is! In short- this gym is possibly the best gym in the world! Pink Iron is a women’s only gym that has state of the art facilities and group fitness classes targeted specifically for women, not to mention all pink equipment! I came across Pink Iron many months ago when we first started throwing around the idea of heading over to the States. I was on the internet in search of the perfect gym and wanted to find an all-girls gym to maximise my opportunity of making like-minded friends abroad. I could not miss out on the opportunity to train at Pink Iron, a gym that I would love to mimic back in Australia some day.

IMG_5200I signed up for the small group fitness session called “Pink Fit”. This class is the gyms most popular class as it combines cross training methods of strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, functional movements, and flexibility to challenge the body. This class boosts metabolism, build strength and endurance, blast body fat, and build lean muscle.

I arrived ridiculously early as I was so anxious excited! As I walked in the door of the pink building I was greeted by the most beautiful girls with the most welcoming smiles. The young girl at the counter took care of my booking and had me fill out information about myself. Holly then introduced herself as the owner and showed me through the facilities. I was overwhelmed by the amount of time she spent with me, even reassuring me that I will love the class and that she would be partaking in it also, so I won’t be left out!

Holly showed me through the change rooms, locker rooms and make up counters! Can you believe that they have several- fully decked out make up counters for the girls to get prettied up before they leave the gym! At 10am my class began. I met the other 6 girls in the class and we got shown through the days workout. The other girls in the class had been training there for years and it was evident that Pink Iron was more than just a training facility but a small, close-knit community of strong women.

The workout was as follows:
WARM UP: 400m jog outside
1) 40x burpies/ dumbbell deadlifts
2) 3×10 lunges with barbell + 3×15 barbell presses
3) 3×15 box jumps (although with my feet still recovering I could only do step ups) + 3×20 sit ups
4) 3×60 jump rope + 3×10 knee ups on chin up bar
ABS: (Tabata Style)
4x20secs plank ups
4x20secs tri-bike sit ups
1min 30secs wall sit
Variety of yoga stretches

IMG_5202The class was fantastic and definitely challenged my current physical endurance. I didn’t lift as heavy as I should have, I honestly thought we were rotating through the stations several times so was going to up the weights in the next round, but we only completed it once. The girls were amazing, more than accommodating and extremely supportive.
I bought an LA Pink Iron training tank so that I could remember my experience there, although if we are ever back in the LA area, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be back to train again!

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