If you are anything like me, I am my own worse enemy. I am the first person to put myself down when I don’t feel good about myself and during times of challenges or hardships, I am always the hardest on myself. Blaming myself is always first on my list! I don’t know if it is innate in my personality or something of a learned habit, but I always want to succeed and be the best I can be and when I don’t- I am left disappointed and almost mad for letting myself down. I wouldn’t say I am competitive towards others, only towards myself.

In saying that, I would also consider myself fairly optimistic and positive. Sounds contradictory I know! But when I don’t succeed or don’t reach the challenge to the standard I set for myself, I think I am pretty good at being my own cheerleader! I teach a program called “You Can Do It!” to my students at school from K-6 which is all about mental health and how we can learn to be our best through positive self talk and simple keys to success: persistence, confidence, resilience and self-control.

gym junkie -37So when I was reading the “Love Your Life” book and came across the quote: “They can because they believe they can.” – Virgil, it made me think about the amount of times we subconsciously tell ourselves that we can’t do something instead of giving it a go and saying “Yes, I can!”.
Our internal dialogue is so important and without knowing it, begins to train our thoughts and actions.

Each time you find yourself engaged in negative self-talk, take a moment to repeat your affirmations. Ensure that they are positive, present-tense personal statements about the reality you would like to create. Be realistic and confident that you are the creator of your reality and that you and only you have the power to create your own happiness.

Support yourself, believe in yourself and be your own motivation!

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