IMG_5285This morning I had my first fitness appraisal at LA Fitness which was complimentary when I signed up. I assumed I would get the usual walk through of the gym, get weighed on the scales and go through goals, limitations in training etc. Not at LA Fitness! After sitting with a trainer talking through our eating and training habits plus assessing our personal goals and limitations, we received a complimentary 30 minute PT session with a trainer. Not just a “go through the moves” session but a pretty intense legs and arms session as these were attention areas that we suggested in the appraisal. It was fabulous being put through new moves on new equipment that we haven’t seen back home and being push beyond what I would have pushed myself during this session. What made it even better was that it was unexpected so I had no time to chicken-out, postpose the session or conduct any form of negative thoughts.

Travis took us through the following routine:
3 x failure (top half) bicep curls on cables
3 x failure full biceps curls on cables
10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 leg press machine

After, he weighed us and took our body fat percentages. I weighed in at 51.3kgs and a body fat percentage of 16.7%. I was unhappy with my weight- I have lost more than 2kgs and had worked so hard to put on that weight as lean muscle when I was training back home. My BF% has only raised slightly which was obviously going to happen considering I have been travelling and therefore not training as much as I used to or as much as I’d like.

I had my BF% done back home at the end of November, which was showing 16% which I wasn’t unhappy about considering I haven’t been able to train hard due to recovery time on my feet but as of next year this will no longer be an excuse or limitation. Bring on 2016 where I can finally start pushing myself to the extreme to reach my personal goal of 13%.

I can’t be bitter about it- after all it’s the holidays! Not only have I been travelling more and training less, but I’ve also been eating a lot less strict and structured. Although we ate out a lot in LA and on our few road trips, I have been making healthy food choices and now that we are situated in Ohio, we are eating good home cooked meals that are nutritious and healthy.

After our PT session, I did a small circuit training session on my own to get the body moving and to help myself to feel better. I love being active. I love training and I love how it makes my body (and brain) feel. So today is exactly what I needed to remind myself that goals will only work if I do too.

My circuit training session is as written below:
3 x 12 Jump Squats
3 x 12 Squats
3 x 24 Knee Ups (alternating legs)

3 x 24 Weighted Step Ups
3 x 24 Static Lunges (alternating legs)
3 x 12 Squat & Medicine Ball Press

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