IMG_4399The best way to maximise lean weight gain, maintain or increase fat loss, is to have optimal glycogen stores within the body. This ensures that the correct levels of carbs, protein and fats must be ingested on a consistent basis. (Need help with your macros or a healthy meal plan? Click HERE or click on the contact page in the menu bar to discuss how I can help you reach your goals!)

When constructing healthy meals, it is important to note that the processing/ packaging of food can greatly reduce the value of any of these three macros. Processed foods have very poor nutrient value associated with them.

Obviously, fresh is best! Fresh fruit and vegetables are loaded with enzymes, which maximises the body;s ability to activate muscles at a high speed of movement and maximise the regeneration and growth of muscle tissue. But if you can’t buy your fruit/veg of choice fresh- then frozen is the next best. Canned fruits and vegetables should be your last resort! The process of canning foods increases the sugar and sodium content and decreases the fibre content too.

Most lunch meats are so highly processed that they are basically just empty calories. The best ones will be found in the deli section that you will have to order, cut and weigh- but even these will be processed.
IMG_2763Cheeses are the same as lunch meats. Any cheese that is packaged has little to no nutritional value, so you are basically consuming empty calories.


Most wheat and rye breads are made from “enriched wheat flour”. Breads made from this flour are depleted of their vitamins and minerals, as well as their fibre content (not mention much higher GI than whole wheat breads!) When choosing bread, aim to buy one that is made from whole wheat flour. Although usually more expensive, they are much better for you!


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