• They contain antioxidants
    – antioxidants protect cells from free radicals which can be damaging to your body’s metabolism. IMG_4759
  • They contain natural anti-inflammatory properties
    – prevention of excessive inflammation, plus treatment of inflammation are two of the most important aspects of maximising performance and enhancing recovery. By providing your body with certain enzymes (such as Bromeliad found in pineapples and Papain found in papaya) throughout the day, will provide you with natural means of fighting excess inflammation that occurs through intense training.
    – Not only will your body feel better, but also be able to illuminate those annoying nagging pains such as muscle cramps, pulls, strains etc.

  • They contain phytonutrients
    – big word: simple meaning. They are complex chemicals that exist only in fresh fruits and vegetables. Supplements or vitamins in pill forms do not carry active phytonutrients and therefore do not do carry out their required role.
    – So what is their role? Well, amongst other things, to enhance the immune system and work with vitamins, minerals and enzymes to have your body adapt more easily to the stresses of excretes and training!

IMG_1072So the media has been pretty good in promoting healthy eating my the means of fruit and vegetables. But why are nuts and seeds so important as a staple in our diet?

  • They aid to achieve desired body composition/ body weight
    – nuts and seeds are high in unsaturated fats, but low in saturated/ trans fats.
    – unsaturated fats are essential to all goals regardless whether you are wanting to gain, lose or maintain your body weight.
    –  The body needs unsaturated fats. The best thing is: what your body doesn’t use, it gets rid of and it isn’t stored as fats.

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