I’ve never been a cereal for breakfast kinda girl, I have egg white omelettes majority of the time. Don’t get me wrong- I’d love to have a good go-to cereal for mornings that are super busy or to switch up to something sweeter but I’m well aware of the high sugar content and empty calories that cereals provide. That was until I found this bad boy on the shelves of Kroger in the USA.

Kelloggs Special K protein flakes! 120 calories per serve (10g P | 19 g C | 1g F) Instead of eating it with milk, I prepare my Optimum Nutrition vanilla shake and pour it over the flakes and top with strawberries which boosts the macros to 34g P| 24g C | 2g fat.??????

I’m not suggesting that I would eat this every morning (as it still has 9g of sugar per serve) but as a quick, easy and no fuss breakfast – it is definitely handy. Especially whilst we are sharing a house and kitchen with others for our first few months here in the States.

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