IMG_5632I’ve been using Christmas, traveling, relocating to the States, living with other people, falling out of a routine and blah blah blah for far too long. About three weeks ago now I stopped listening to the little voice inside my head that was forcing me to believe these excuses and question my fitness goals. I began writing down my short term and long term fitness goals which made me evaluate my training and nutritional intake too. I made changes that had to happen in order for me to get one step closer, day-by-day to my ultimate goal.

  1. I started food prepping again, which proved difficult initially as I am living with Scott’s parents who so generously prepare my meals for me. So it meant eating separate meals to the rest of the family, eating at irregular times to their schedule and also taking over the kitchen for an entire day to prepare my meals for the week
  2. I redesigned my fitness program. I increased the intensity and began training with a whole new focus. I turn up to the gym not only with an exact routine to follow but I make every minute count by focusing on my timing, isolations and exact muscles being trained.
  3. I began my Internship at Fitness 19 which allowed me to be surrounded by people who not only focus their entire lives around healthy living but who also inspire me and radiate positive vibes ALL DAY long!IMG_6053
  4. I tightened up on my eating. Not only did I calculate my required macros and meal prep for increased success with sticking to them, but I also stopped giving in to the small snack temptations that I was allowing myself to cave in for.

And boy do I feel better! I have made small but steady gains in such a short amount of time. I went from 114lbs (51kgs) and 16.6% BF to 116lbs (52.5kgs) and 15.3% BF which I am super proud of.

My goal is to continue to gain weight in healthy lean muscle and continue to grow these baby muscles that are proving very difficult to grow!

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