“Failure is often the line of least persistence” – Zig Ziglar.

IMG_3748If you find yourself stuck in a rut- unable to move forward on your goals, yet aware that by doing nothing you might be moving backwards- don’t panic! I think everyone at some point feels this way. It’s not in what we do next as such, but more in our attitude of how we will overcome this challenge/rut.

A lack of progress doesn’t have to be the beginning of the end. This is not the part where we place it in the too hard basket and give up completely. This is simple where we refocus,  rethink and devise a new plan on how to progress. Just think of one small, simple step that will help you to move forward. It doesn’t matter if this isn’t the next step in your initial plan. Let’s keep positive, be in tune with our desires and dreams and focus on what is most important in the now. All that matters is you keep moving!

IMG_5914Tomorrow marks the start of a new fitness challenge for me. Back in Australia I was focused, determined and never slipped from my nutrition and training routines. Over the past month I have still been making healthy choices and training well but I haven’t had an exact goal as such or counted my macros to help me build the body that I want.

So it’s time for me to move forward and smash some goals. I have spent my weekend prepping and planning for my week ahead. I’ve measured and packed my lunch, snacks and dinners and purchased all the ingredients and produce needed for my breakfast and post workout meals. I’m ready to train hard and to nourish my body well so that I can reach my full potential. Im excited to get this ball rolling and see how hard I can push myself!

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