Arnold Classic- Columbus 2016.

This weekend I attended the Arnold Classic Fitness Expo held at the Columbus Convention Centre not just the once, but twice!

I had bought tickets online hoping to beat the crowd, but unfortunately when Scott and I got there on Friday morning- everyone else had the same idea as us and the will call line for our prepurchased tickets was 7000 times longer than the regular ticket line. So we decided to buy new tickets (trust me- after our parking ordeal, we were in no mood to wait even longer!)

Once inside it was seriously overwhelming! Not only due to the massive amount of people there but also due to the impressive number of stores and vendors that were on display! Most of the lines to access free samples or giveaways were ridiculously long so we hit up as many as we could in the limited amount of time that we had. Some of our favourites included Scitec Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition and Fit & Lean Protein Pudding.

Once we had squeezed our way through at least half of the expo, we had decided that we had had enough! We made our way to the nearest Homage booth to purchase our 2016 Arnold Classic gym singlets and then headed to the nearest exit. I must admit, I left wishing that I could have seen more but I, like Scott, was fed up trying to squeeze through the crowds. So we called it a day and headed back towards our car, stopping briefly for some lunch! At this point a girl friend from the gym has messaged commenting about how she was jealous about my check in at the Arnold’s as she was not attending this year. PERFECT! I still had two prepaid tickets in my name at the will call- so we set up Round 2 for Sunday.

Boy am I glad that I made it back again today. We arrived shortly after 10am and were pleasantly surprised to see no line for the will call. I walked straight up, showed my I.D, got our tickets and headed inside. Again, we were shocked and excited about the crowd (or lack of, compared to Friday) and decided the best way to spend our day would be to start at one end and “snake” our way through each aisle until we were satisfied that we had seen everything we wanted to. It was so great to go with another fitness friend who has similar goals to me, so that we could bounce ideas and opinions off each other about new products, or products we had previously tried etc. Although we sampled SO MANY products- mostly protein bars and powders, we managed to snap up some amazing active wear also from Tat2Fit, B.N.Shape and Gifted Athletics.

We sampled some products that have been newly released such as Protein2o– deliciously flavoured protein enhanced water and also soon to be released- vanilla marshmallow crispy protein bars from Ohhsnapnutrition (just to name a few!)

But don’t worry, I’ve totally got you covered on all the latest in fitness, food and fashion from the Arnold’s and I will endeavour to post about each of the products that I trial. I’ll be sure to pass on any coupon codes I was given too so that you can purchase these products online, at a reduced price.

Fair to say, my first but certainly not last Arnold Classic experience was a great success! Talk about a boost of motivation and a kick of enthusiasm to get me going again! Tonight I will refocus, reassess my goals and type out a plan for success… I’M READY TO STEP IT UP A NOTCH OR TWO!


Any thoughts/comments?

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