IMG_6398When it comes to fitness and well, life in general it can sometimes feel like just as you finally take one step forward, it’s then three steps back! I have been working hard these past few months to gain a few kilos in order to increase my muscle mass. Of course I ultimately want to drop body fat and become as lean as I possibly can- I knew that in order t do so it would require a stage of “bulking”.

When I left the US last week, I was ready to begin the leaning out process and planned to use the month in Perth to do so. I knew this wouldn’t take long  seeing as I struggled to put on even a few kilos and was hovering around the 52.5-53.5kg weight- but still an improvement from the 51.1kg I had been at the start of the year.

I had booked in for my bioXscan (which was this morning) to track my progress and check that I was on the right track to getting the results that I want. After getting my reading, I can’t help but feel neither elated nor disappointed with the results! Let me explain why…

– I am sitting at 14.6% body fat.
My last BioXscan was in Nov last year where I was at 16.1%, which was a great achievement after working my butt off to get in shape after having 4months off for my feet surgery! The leanest I have ever been is 14.1% which was this time last year- that motivates me to keep grinding!

– My muscle mass has stayed the same even though my weight and body fat has decreased.
Still at 24.4kgs. Now to increase it…

– Gaining Weight as Muscle.
Yes, I know I said above that it was a positive that it stayed the same, but that’s only because I had lost weight. Ultimately I need to go back to the “bulking” phase in order to gain weight, as muscle not fat preferably 🙂

– Time to build a booty and some biceps.
These two areas will remain my focus over the next few months. I will be tailoring my new workout program to target these areas and though it is impossible to spot train… it is not impossible to build and focus on certain muscles to build a better physique.

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