13084183_1066137360125941_687917613_n.pngThis week I had the pleasure of meeting the team Jordan and Bernice at the newest and coolest “health hangout” in Mandurah, ATTAIN Holistic Health and Fitness.

Jordan is the head trainer at the multi modality centre and is an Exercise Scientist (UWA) and certified strength and conditioning coach- in fact the only StrongFirst certified instructor in the Southwest.  He trains athletes and students of strengths from all walks of life and provides services ranging from fat loss, injury recovery and prevention, improvements in general fitness, athleticism and movements to improve quality of life.

So what is it about Jordan’s techniques that separates him from other personal trainers in the area?

Jordan teaches quality movement practices to correct dysfunctional movement patterns and improve performance. He has a specialised theory and practice in regards to teaching his clients 13115759_1066136726792671_1782023071_nhow to move effectively and train with load safely.  Jordan is incredibly passionate about his clients and their progression along his training method, which includes a hierarchy type model of moving through general physical tasks such as: hinge, squat, press, pull, carry, twist and lunge.

What can I expect in a typical session with Jordan?

Each session begins with two main lifts, focusing on the lower and upper body then proceeds to grip and/or core work followed by, depending on individual goals, a work capacity, hypertrophy, fat loss or athleticism protocol.

How do I get started?
Contact Jordan by email: jordan@attainhhf.com.au or call 9518 1363

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