12019961_738567282914264_8849710719160015273_nI’ve had a few people asking me about my newest addiction- F45 training. So I’ve decided to write a post to share with you my experience at F45 Mandurah and reasons why you too should join!

So, what is F45?
F45 Training is a team-based, functional training facility that places emphasis on the ‘three key factors’ of motivation, innovation and results.
The F stands for functional- F45 has ten different styles of programs in which none are ever repeated, making every workout a unique and exciting experience. The 10 customised training systems include 10 unique circuit movement patterns, 15 different timing modules, over 1,000 exercises, and workouts that change every day. The aim of F45 is that clients remain motivated and challenged, and achieve great results.
The 45 represents the 45 minutes of fun and fitness that it provides! The workouts, although challenging and demanding,  feature no power lifting or technical lifting so is something everyone can participate in. The facilities are highly systemised, featuring integrated technology in the form of video workout demonstrations should you need further clarification or reminders.

Who should join F45?
It is suitable for all ages, abilities and fitness levels. In fact I’m sick of telling people about it and hearing the comments: “Oh it sounds hard, I might start when I’m fitter!” OR “Sounds great but I might train on my own for a while until I know exactly how and what the exercises are!” Which leads me to my next comment… F45 IS FOR EVERYONE!

  • BEGINNERS with little or no previous lifting or training experience will learn the best and safest technique to preform each exercise. In all F45 classes there is always a certified instructor there to watch you and correct your technique if needed. So rather than wait to “know how” start now and learn from the best!
  • INTERMEDIATES can begin to challenge themselves with heavier weights in a supportive and safe environment.
  • ADVANCED CLIENTS- this is the place for you! If you are feeling stagnant or flat within your own workouts, sign up to F45 to have someone kick your butt! F45 trainers push you further by assessing your strengths and weakness so add on weights or modify certain exercises to make you work to your limit! It’s awesome to rock up to a session and not have to think or plan…just smash goals!

12644974_788320181272307_382735806154375175_nWhy F45?
F45, a s mentioned above, is a team based training program which allows you to be involved in a community of like minded people wanting to get fit and healthy. I love at the end of each session, that members and instructors alike walk around the room giving high fives and smiles, which leaves you feeling positive and successful after each class. The positive praise at the end of each class always leave me feeling inspired and wanting more.

F45 is value for money as classes are available 6 days a week and mimics the idea of having a personal trainer at each and every session.

The  professional instructors and great class time schedule makes it available to anyone and everyone and suits even the busiest of people. For the early birds, classes start as early as 5.30am and run at different time during the day with the last being at 6.30pm.

11245816_762704240500568_8627930089302623845_oHow can I join?
Head over to http://f45training.com.au/mandurah/ to sign up online for a 14 day free trial (available to new clients ) or join today!

Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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