IMG_6370On Tuesday’s and Thursdays I run a small team training session with some pretty spectacular girls. I’m an early riser at the best of times with anything past 6am being a sleep in for me! Most mornings I leap out of bed, motivated and more than ready to face the 45 minute HIIT workout ahead.

Lately, however, the lack of routine in my life and also the stormy weather has been testing my enthusiasm. I LOVE training, thats not what puts me off, it’s the getting up and getting ready to leave the house that pains me!

After talking with the girls briefly at this mornings session, I realize that it is not just me who struggles with this “morning workout motivation”. In fact, I’ve probably got nothing to complain about- some people not waking until late morning and not leaving the house until the afternoon! SAY WHAT?
So I’ve put some thought into why morning training sessions are the way to go and compiled a list of reasons why you too should get up, get going and get into it!

  1. IMG_8174When you first wake up, you have no excuses.
    You’re not too fatigued or tired form a busy day at work, you haven’t booked an appointment or scheduled a meeting- it’s the break of dawn! Get up before the sun when everyone else is sleeping or whilst the stores are closed so that the only choice you have to make is to sleep with your dreams or wake up and start chasing them.
  2. You are not busy.
    No matter what words you are using to convince yourself that you have other things to do in the morning… you don’t! Getting up earlier gives you extra time to get things done. Set the alarm 45 minutes earlier, get up, get out and get moving! Your regular day can begin at a regular time…your health comes first!
  3. Be accountable – Train with a friend.
    Still lacking motivation? Train with a buddy. We are all keen as a bean to make plans to get up and exercise the night before, but the morning rolls around and we just want to hit that snooze button (and more than once). Chances are if you’re training with a friend, they too have set their alarm and have got up to get ready…which forces you to do the same, no matter how much you don’t want to!
  4. IMG_3384You are not tired.
    Book your training session in as if it were an appointment with a specialist! Even if you’re training solo put it on the calendar, in your diary and/or attached to your alarm and stick to it! Some mornings you will wake up tired and try to convince yourself that you need more sleep- NO! You’ve known this workout was coming up so prepare accordingly. Go to bed earlier, don’t have that after dinner coffee or reschedule your late night plans. If you are too tired when you first wake to train, do you really think you will want to after a full day at work?
  5. ‘am’ training sets you up for the day.
    If you dragged your booty out of bed to workout, you tend to eat better throughout the day. You know that you worked hard so need to eat the right foods to fuel your body appropriately. You will most likely be more determined and focused and willing to turn down sugary treats, knowing that you don’t want your workout to be for nothing!
  6. Increased energy throughout the day.
    It’s proven, this you can’t deny! Sure, after a workout you might feel a little drained of energy- especially after a seriously intense HIIT session! But your body will love you for it after you’ve rehydrated and fuelled up on the right foods. The more you move, the more you’ll want to move. So start early and get a head start on your day!

So what are you waiting for? Set your intentions… set your goals and better yet….your alarm!

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