Today’s Chest, Shoulders & Tris Workout.

Chest Press (
barbell with narrow grip) 15 x 3
Tricep Dips on bench 12 x 3

Seated Shoulder Press (dumbbells) 12 x 3
Upright Rows (barbell) 10 x 3

Lateral Raises (dumbbells) 15, 15, 12, 10
Bent Over Rows (barbell) 10 x 3

Rear Delt Rope Pulls 20 x 2
Tricep Rope Extensions 10 x 3
Shoulder Shrugs (weight plate) 20 x 3- last set to failure



3 thoughts on “Today’s Chest, Shoulders & Tris Workout.

    • Simone McKenna says:

      Hey lexi,
      I change my routine monthly so at the moment I’m doing push, pull and leg sessions. But last time it was a different muscle group each day. It’s hard to find what works best, but I do recommend mixing it up every 4-6 weeks to keep your muscles guessing. And obviously it depends on your goals too! I am aiming for muscle mass at the moment (although after my weekend I think I will be at a loss this week 😔)
      Feel free to email me at and I can send you through my training split for this month! Would love for you to give it a go an get your feedback x

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      • lexilife says:

        That sounds good! I’m return back home from uni next weekend and that’s me hoping I can get into a solid routine with a local gym and get started up again. I’ll deffo be interested in giving your thing a go, anything that makes it that little bit easier for me right? Haha, not that I’m entirely sure what a ‘training split’ is…xx

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