Words cannot explain how incredibly proud I am of my simonemckenna.com team members. Every week they are committed to their training sessions bringing their A game- not only physically, but mentally also!

This little lady (known as C for the purpose of this post) started with me in the middle of March, having no previous training routine or experience. She was looking to turn her life around and build up her confidence after gaining weight after high school. “C” wrote me a commitment pledge prior to starting our training sessions which stated the following.

My main goal I would like to achieve is to slim down and lose weight. I don’t care how much sweat has to go into this, I’m sick of being “chubby” and “frumpy” it’s time to change that! Simone, I want you to scream at me if I become lazy or whine that I can’t do it or it’s too hard. Don’t take my crap, kick my butt until I’ve reached this goal (even if I cry).

This pledge moved me and I knew this girl was serious about committing to my programs. With that, “C” threw herself in head first so to speak with 3 PT sessions with me per week plus a customised nutrition plan to complement her training program. My first bit of feedback from her was as follows…

Oh my god, the first day has been amazing. I was a bit hesitant at first but as soon as I started I knew I never wanted to look back. Today at school I just had so much more energy and I was looking forward to each meal that was to come, lunch oh my god lunch was amazing I never knew something that healthy could taste so good.

This new fitness fanatic is dedicated to say the least- she has no license yet, so often requires me to pick her up and drop her off or  she walks to our usual training grounds. I have met her at the grocery store to help her do her food shop for the week to ensure she buys the brands with the most nutritional gains and help her learn to read food packaging correctly. “C” trains rain, hail or shine and even had a double session on the day of her 18th birthday! What a rockstar!

In a little over 2 months, “C” has lost 5 kgs and dropped over 25cm from her total body measurements. She is now buying clothes a size smaller (and in my opinion, will need to drop another very soon!) I am so very proud of her and cannot wait to see what changes she makes in the next 2 months!

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