Today is Day #2 of my new training and nutrition plan. I am working with my online coach Nathan Rocks who has devised a customised nutrition and training package to help me through the following phases:
Phase 1- Bulk up with LOTS of carbs and calories
Phase 2- Build muscle
Phase 3- Lean out.
I spent the weekend grocery shopping, cooking and prepping all my meals. Well all meals except for dinner- I love to cook so look forward to that my time in the kitchen in the evenings. But my vegetables are cut and reay to go for this!

I will be eating 6-7 meals a day, with them timed perfectly around my training (depending  if it is a training or non training day) and will be following my workout plan to perfection in order to see them GAINZ!

I weighed in yesterday at 52.6kgs and have taken my measurements. This is my starting point as of Week 0. I intend to share my progress with you in a weekly post update, not only to keep myself accountable but to celebrate my successes, to gain your support and encouragement should I feel distracted or disappointed and to hopefully INSPIRE!

I am so excited and motivated to push my body to the extreme with each and every workout. I am dedicated to my eating plan and am so focused to see what changes and progress I can make during the next 10 weeks.

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