IMG_0370Meet Tegan. Tegan is one of my gorgeous online clients who has purchased online training programs from me for the past 6 months and has shown RIDICULOUSLY IMPRESSIVE PROGRESS.

She is dedicated to her fitness by attending my “Team Training Sessions” twice a week and a one-to-one PT session also. On her “off” days when she sent training with me, she enjoys jogging and HIIT training at home or the park.

Tegan has recently adapted a low-FODMAP style of eating and has found that by eating these foods and illuminating various others, she has more energy, less bloating and feels fantastic. (Keep in mind that what works for one person, may not necessarily work for others. If you need help with your nutrition, be sure to hit me up with any questions!)

IMG_0303Tegan recently took a week off training to go to Bali with friends and family. This didn’t stop her from eating well and training too!
The following are some of my favourite “client quotes” I received via email or text whilst she was away:
– “Are there any small routines I can smash out at the Villa in Bali in the mornings? Don’t stress about anything too in depth, but if you can sling me some ideas that would be awesome!”
– Thank you beautiful! I’ll think of you every squat, twist, sit up and plank!!!!!! Hahaha
– “WOO! I feel so good gal”
– “I have well and truly caught the fitness bug.”

13177246_10153616022215949_1294109785971125471_n-1Tegan, in the past 3 months, has dropped over 5kgs, reduced her body fat and increased her lean muscle mass. I am so proud of this girl- not just in her progress, but in her attitude towards living a positive, active and healthy lifestyle. I know that she has made this change for good and will continue to live this lifestyle due to the growth in her confidence, positivity, energy and happiness.
Thanks for being a sensational motivation and inspiration for me and for everyone who knows you!

Should you be interested in joining our Team Training Sessions on a Tuesday or Thursday morning or would like to become part of the online team with a training and/or nutrition program, please contact me HERE. I would love to hear from you 🙂

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