10 WEEK GOAL: Train Insane & Eat to Grow. Increase Muscle Mass
Date: 30th May 2016 | Day: 7 of 70 | Current Weight: 53kgs (gain of 400g)


– Gained 200g on the regular gym scales. I am having my “starting” bioXscan done during the week to confirm my body fat percentage and muscle mass, but will only be getting my next scan at the end of the transformation (10 weeks). Therefore, I will rely on the scales for updates on weight gain and just pray I am doing enough that it is muscle and not fat  🙂


– My training has been insane this week. I am proud of my focus and “mind to muscle” commitment with every session.  I completed every scheduled workout and exercise with the correct number of reps and pushed my body through fatigue until failure. I left every single session feeling proud and more enthusiastic and eager for the next workout.
– I really struggled to have two non-training days. I have trained 7 days a week for as long as I can remember (lifting 6 days a week and then a day of cardio only). My two non training days were scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. I spent Saturday morning with my PT clients and then the rest of the day was spent grocery shopping and meal prepping so I didn’t miss the training too much. However, I couldn’t help myself on Sunday and no mater how I tried to distract myself, the gym was calling my name. So I went, but did a LISS session on the elliptical only. Since the weather was so sunny, I also went for a long walk along the beach with my mum. So this is definitely something I need to work on in the coming weeks. A day of rest is exactly that and I need to follow it to give my body time to grow and recover.

– I’m actually loving having an exact plan to follow and so far I have followed it perfectly. I love being able to prepare it ahead of time so that my days become easier when I get home late from work or the gym. I love the foods that I’ve been allocated- salmon, chicken, rice, sweet potato, fish and a heap of steamed greens!
– Although initially it was really hard to convince myself that it is a requirement that I consume 150g of ice-cream before bed (yes believe it!) by the end of week one I actually began looking forward to it! It made it seem not so strict or restricting!
Ice cream doesn’t hang around too long on my eating plan- only the first few weeks I think- to really try and bulk up, but while it’s scheduled… I’ll take it 🙂

– I’m still not hitting my full macro count. I am finding the timing and also the amount of food quite difficult, but with each day I am slowly increasing my carbs and I know my metabolism will catch up which will make it easier.
– I am also drinking so many supplements and feel bloated a lot because of this. I am drinking casein powder at 10am then a preworkout around 3pm then BCAAs during my workout, then creatine and a protein shake post workout! Plus 4-5L of water on top of this!
– Loved my free choice meal on Sunday night, especially because I could time it with a friend 30th birthday party. But boy did I pay for it Sunday night! I think I slept for one hour out of the whole night. Although I chose relatively healthy foods, I think it was the quantity of it that through me. I just felt so bloated, heavy and uncomfortable.
– Again- it is my first week and have a lot of adjusting to do. I just need to give it time and trust the process.

– Loving the extra strength I am feeling during my workouts!
– This afternoon I trained “legs” and when I was squatting with the barbell on my back I was looking in the mirror to check my form and noticed that my shoulders and chest looked more defined. I don’t know if it was just in my head, but I felt like they looked the way they do when I am training those muscle groups. Anyone else feel that way? For example when I’m training my biceps, I always wish they looked like that (all swollen and pumped) 24/7!

– I can’t help but feel that I am losing the definition in my core. I know that this is part of the process- I am gaining and therefore will carry more water weight and feel more bloated- I just wish I could be toned and grow at the same time! We will see.


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