When I get asked this question, I usually just take it as a compliment and giggle it off but lately I’ve been thinking more about what it is that motivates me. What drives me to push hard? What gives me this passion for improvement and change?

Below is a list of everything that motivates me, which will hopefully help you to keep motivated on your own fitness journey.

  • Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 6.56.15 pmTRAIN WITH A GYM BUDDY
    A training buddy will become your motivation on those days when you feel like you could easily sleep in, skip a workout or rock up but just go too lightly!  I don’t just have the one, I have several different buddies (including the American) that I can call upon to train with should I be lacking motivation or just wanting to spice things up!Sometimes due to different work hours it can be more beneficial to workout on my own, go when I can and not have to wait around or rush for anybody else. I love that even on public holidays or special events, my buddies can always be called upon to train. Nothing beats an early morning training session on Christmas Day.

    When we move into a house, we like it to have a homely, comfortable feel. When we dine out, we like the restaurant to have a good ambience. When we go out for a drink, it is vital that the bar of choice has a vibrant atmosphere… same goes for a gym. If it is not inviting, exciting and fun, you will be less inclined to go. I train in the gym most days because of ‘the feel’ that I get when I am there. I usually train at the same time each morning- as do the other crazy cats in the gym at 4.30am and we have created a community there. If I skip a day, people will notice and ask if I’m OK or give me some cheeky remark about being slack. People will wave, smile, nod and greet me (mostly by name) because it has become our home away from home. I know I’m lucky and not all gyms are as awesome 🙂 When shopping for a gym- make sure the staff are approachable, the price is affordable, the equipment is top notch and that the area is clean.


    Even my Christmas gifts are healthy 🙂

    The more people you tell about your eating habits, the more eyes you have focused on what you are putting into your mouth. You will begin to feel like you can’t have that extra piece of cake (if any) because you’ve told your work colleagues that you are avoiding sugar etc. You may wake up feeling too lazy to prepare lunch and resort to buy take out on your break, but what will your friends around you say?  I tell everyone, to the point that sometimes I regret it! I am so strict and dedicated to my eating plan, but very rarely I will splurge and have a lolly or bread and I can always rely on a work colleague saying, “wow, I didn’t think you would be eating that!” I like it though, it makes me rethink what I am eating. Was this planned? If so, fine. But am I just eating because it is convenient? Am I having a weak moment? What are my long term goals? Will this food actually contribute to my hunger or is it a “nothing food”?

    What is your goal? If you are focusing on eating right- print off or cut out recipes from magazines and stick them to the inside of your pantry. If you want to lose weight, follow real people on social media sites that have lost the weight and kept it off, cut out motivational images and quotes from magazines and cover the inside of your wardrobe, diary, car sunshade. Whatever it takes to see you goal in the flesh and keep your eyes on the prize! Surround yourself with friends and others who are on the same or similar fitness journey. If you are trying to cut out snacking, then don’t organise a morning tea date with a girlfriend, you will only regret it! Organise to take a walk, go for a swim, get your nails done!

    Be proud and honour every step closer towards your goal- no matter how big or small that step is. Whether it be a change in your measurements, weight loss, weight gain, lifting heavier, hitting more reps, running further, going to the gym more than twice a week for a month… Praise yourself! It will be all the intrinsic motivation you need to keep going, go harder and keep on moving towards your goal. Tell others. You never know, you may be the inspiration they need!

    Set both long term and short term goals. It may be weekly, monthly, in a years time- just have something to work towards. Perhaps even set challenges and rewards should you reach these goals. What do you want? Don’t say a cheat day or junk food either… you know it isn’t going to make you happy in the long run. Treat yourself to a massage, a new LJ workout singlet, a manicure, a lunch date with a friend…whatever it is that you want to do that encourages you and keeps you on the path to success!

Motivation is more precious than gold. You can’t buy it for yourself or anyone else and you can’t force someone to be motivated.

You can, however, wake up and make up your mind every morning that:
a) Today will be a good day
b) I am worth it
c) I will be positive
d) I will be positively motivated to be the best version of myself!

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