Miss Nutrition Monday!

Last night I had the most amazing privilege of joining a group of like-minded “fitspo” girls at Mass Nutrition in Cannington for their monthly catch up called- Miss Nutrition Monday! Every month they switch up the content of the meeting, but is mostly based around food, fitness, supplements and living a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Last night they had Jess Duchesne present a healthy food workshop that enabled us to not only learn many interesting food swap ideas but also allowed us to sample some of her healthy, raw and delicious treats! Jess has recently launched her own website & blog so be sure to check it out at www.jesslynspire.com

IMG_1076I have been following Jess’s instagram account for quite some time now and is seriously one of my favourites! She is always so honest and real about her lifestyle, posts motivational pics of her workouts (and bangin’ body) and so generously shares many recipes that suit a busy yet healthy lifestyle. It was an absolute honour meeting Jess last night, she exceeded all my expectations and I was blown away when she made mention that she follows my blog! YEAH!

Jess shared with us many interesting tips and tricks that I thought I would share with you all… You’re welcome 🙂 Many of these recipes can be found on her website!

– raw chocolate drops or bark
-chai tea infused casein custard
– protein powder hot chocolate
– protein yoghurt
– cup of tea with a drop of honey

– zucchini noodles (zoodles) and zoats
– cauliflower rice, cauli mash or cauli pizza (check out my cauli crust pizza recipe HERE)
– beetroot mash or beetroot oats (boats? hehe)
– sweet potato muffins, bread or cake!

– home made dips: hummus, pesto etc
– apple slices with cheese or nut butter
– nice cream (frozen fruit, greek yoghurt & honey)
– rice thins with nut butter
– home made popcorn (sprinkle with cinnamon or rock salt)

– wake up early
– eat a nutritious breakfast
– move
– engage in conversation with family & friends

It was so motivating being at an event such as this! I called my boyfriend on the way home and I don’t think he could get a word in from my excitement. I am already overly passionate about living the most healthy, active and positive lifestyle possible, but being around these girls was so uplifting and inspiring. We all walked away having learnt something new and with new ideas and recipes to share with our families and friends. My favourite tip that I walked away with was Jess’ tip of doing your food prep on your “cheat day” or as part of your “cheat meal” so that you don’t feel guilty about picking at the food while you’re preparing for the week ahead. Something so simple yet so practical in my life!

Please… do yourself a favour and visit Jess’ website and be sure to check out her instagram also. Not only is she an inspiration in the kitchen and in the gym, but in life! So down to earth and inspiring!


Any thoughts/comments?

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