Week 4 Update!

10 WEEK GOAL: Train Insane & Eat to Grow. Increase Muscle Mass whilst maintaining a relatively low body fat percentage.
Date: 19th June 2016 | Day: 28 of 70 | Current Weight: 53.2kgs

So on Wednesday, I was ready to give up on this new plan to gain muscle. I even told Zac (the guy I have been training with) that if it wasn’t for my blog and having so much support from my friends and followers, I would have given in for sure. I love my morning meals (breakfast, morning tea and lunch) but as soon as it was time for my pre-workout meal, I still wasn’t hungry after my lunch and the last thing I wanted to do after eating SO much chicken and rice was to go and lift weights.

In saying that, my workouts this week have been awesome- but I’ll talk more about that in the training part of this update.

So I emailed my coach and told him that I had lost all definition on my stomach and that I have been noticing a “muffin top” starting to hang around on my hips and just made note that I am not as energetic as I used to be. Read about his response in “This Weeks Eating” below!


– I feel more focused after speaking with Nathan on Tuesday/Wednesday. The simple way to explain what’s happening currently with my body is that my metabolism has ‘slowed’ down – so much so that any increase of calories is leading to gained weight. As we are still unsure as to whether it is muscle or fat or a combo, it is important that I listen to my body and continue to take photos to see the progress and reassure myself that it is muscle and not fat (around ym stomach or hips as I had previously suggested) So, what now?
I will continue with Phase 2 and eating bulk foods until my body and metabolism normalises and becomes stable once again. The fact that I am eating almost double what I used to, explains why my metabolism needs to catch up and until then I need to keep at it so to let food work for me in the way I want it to, rather than be the enemy.
– Once again, I didn’t use my “free choice” meal per say.  Seeing as my carb intake is so high on training days I am able to indulge in some clean treats like my homemade pizza and as my fats are so high on non-training days I am able to eat the foods that I don’t usually get during the week like avocado, chicken mince and salmon steaks etc. 

– Had a seriously rough start to the week. Mon and Tues I felt like I didn’t want to eat my final two meals of the day. Once I got my weight session in each day, I felt better and more inspired to continue. This really is more of a mental challenge for me than physical to be honest!

– My workouts have been awesome this week! I am beginning to feel stronger and am so totally focused in the gym. I have been completing steady state cardio in the morning each day and my weights training in the afternoons. This has been working well for me and I am enjoying being able to use the 30mins of LISS cardio to speak with Scott on the phone or listen to my favourite podcasts.
– I’m excited to add either 3 HIIT (20min) or Low Intensity (30-45min), or a mixture of cardiovascular sessions next week to help negate the extra weight gain and ramp up my metabolism again.
– HIIT is one of my favourite ways to train!

 – I didn’t get to have a PT session this week with Zac, but I was able to train “legs” with Brooke on Monday which was awesome! So nice to have her back in the gym with me.
– Still lacking some serious upper body strength (bis and tris mostly). I’m unsure if it’s because I train them on a Friday and my body is practically fatigued before I even start or if I’m just allowing that to be my excuse. Thinking of mixing up my days this week perhaps to see if that makes a difference!

– I am feeling more motivated than ever knowing that I have been completely honest with my coach in telling him how I am feeling and how my body is looking (in my opinion). The fact that he is still certain that I can do this- makes me feel even more confident that if I commit and do everything the right way- I am guaranteed results.

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2 thoughts on “Week 4 Update!

  1. That Fitness Journey says:

    I am 100% freaking out about the time where I need to eat at maintenance again or even surplus to grow muscle over the winter. You are doing an amazing job and of course the blog and everything will keep you super motivated!

    Keep it up 🙂 xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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