10 WEEK GOAL: Train Insane & Eat to Grow. Increase Muscle Mass whilst maintaining low body fat percentage.
Date: 6th June 2016 | Day: 15 of 70 | Current Weight: 53kgs


– To be completely honest, I am not experiencing many positives this week in regards to my appearance and progress. I have been asking my fitness friends and my coach Nathan Rocks what feels like 1000000 questions to reassure me of my journey. I am feeling bloated and heavy ALL THE TIME! I am never hungry yet eating so much food! As a typical female, we are forever telling ourselves that less food means the thinner and leaner we will be which in fact is the opposite. I keep thinking that if I skip a meal I will feel better for it but know that is not what this program is about. In order to have the body I want, I need to experiment and do things I haven’t done before. In saying that, I need to remind myself that my body is not used to all these calories and that my metabolism is slowly adjusting to meet this intake. Although I have only gained just over a kilo in the past month, I am feeling as though I have lost a lot of definition, especially in my stomach!
I had my bioXscan done on Friday so today’s update will be based around those stats as it provides more stats and details than just regular weight scales.

– My training this week was again FANTASTIC.
I smashed legs on Monday. Although I didn’t go heavy, I really focused on the tempo and my rest timing so as to maximise my progress. I have this crazy mindset that whilst I’m eat this volume of food (carbs in particular) I have to use them to their best interest- in the gym!
Tuesday was chest day. I usually hate training chest as it is a seriously weak area of mine as I prior to this program, I hadn’t trained chest for almost a year! I am finding that I’m actually really enjoying these days. I am liking how my chest muscles are always sore the next day so I know I have worked them hard and I know they will begin to strengthen over time. Looking forward to being able to throw around a bit more weight. On Wednesday I had a PT session with Zac from Snap Fitness who pushed me to my limits and had me feeling more motivated and stronger than ever. I had sent him through my #teamnewreligion training plan for my “back session” and he put me through each exercise, making sure I had good form and control and ensured I stuck to the tempo and timing perfectly. This was my favourite training day of last week- I just loved learning from Zac who explained everything so clearly and kept me on my toes the entire session. Safe to say my back muscles have only starting to feel normal again as of this weekend- every day tasks, like reaching up, were hard! It’s funny how prior to this session, I thought I went hard in the gym, pushing myself in reps and weights… but this was a whole new level! Definitely going to book in as many sessions as I can afford whilst I’m in Mandurah!

– Friday was my bis & tris session- which I normally look forward to… but I didn’t have a great workout this week, I felt shattered before even starting. I don’t know if it was my body feeling fatigued from the weeks workouts, the sore throat that I woke up with that day or perhaps that I was starting “that time of the month” and felt drained and yuk! Overshare perhaps but the females reading this post know that it actually does impact our workouts, hormones and energy levels! But I pushed through the session and was glad that I did!

– I’m loving my breakfasts- high fat/low carb keeps me fuller for longer and the salmon/spinach/egg combo makes it so easy to choose well when eating out too.
– Last week I had the kale stuffed egg white omelette from Health Freak Cafe, with a side of salmon- which meant that I could be social, yet not have to cheat from my plan! YEAH!
– I’m still fighting that battle in my head that is telling me that I’m eating too much- I’m even eating full meals when I’m not hungry just to hit my macro count.
– Having so much rice and all those extra supps make me feel heavy and bloated, especially before a workout! I’ll get there!
– It’s nice to know that this week was the last week of eating 150g of ice-cream before bed! As much as I love ice-cream…it was killing me! I felt like I was messing up my great day of clean eating right before jumping into bed!

– My weight went up 1.2kgs since my last scan (March 18)
– This bioXscan has motivated and inspired me to work harder in the gym to make it happen!

I felt really disheartened after my bioXscan on Friday for the following reasons:
– My skeletal muscle mass stayed the same (Ok so it went up 100g) but I am wanting more, as this means the weight gain is fat not muscle. I realise this is part of the process but the ai is to build LEAN MUSCLE as well as fat not just fat!
– My body fat percentage is at 16.4%- I haven’t been over 15.5% since December 2014 (except for when I had surgery and both my feet broken). I know 16% is still pretty lean, especially for females but I know that my body can quite comfortable maintain 14% so I know that I can improve. Time to work that bit harder in the gym! I am going to add some steady state cardio in the mornings when I am not working to allow myself to burn som calories and just to feel better mentally

This coming week is the start of Week 3 and the start of Phase #2. According to my coach, who I have to make mention has been super patient with all my questions and fears about becoming a heffer, says that during this phase, the goal is to encourage as much fat loss as possible whilst retaining lean muscle! Let’s see what this week brings!

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