10 WEEK GOAL: Train Insane & Eat to Grow. Increase Muscle Mass whilst maintaining a relatively low body fat percentage.
Date: 12th June 2016 | Day: 21 of 70 | Current Weight: 53.5kgs

– Although it was a slow and stubborn start for me, I have finally put on 500g this week 🙂 I’m unable to comment whether it is fat, muscle or a combination of both, as I purely took this number off the scales and not a body fat composition test. 

– I am feeling less bloated and heavy. I feel like my metabolism is finally catching up! I am making the conscious effort each and every day to ensure that my macros are met- even the 240g of carbs each day!! I must admit, it is a total mind tease eating so much (to the point where I am shovelling full meals down my throat even when I am not hungry) and then watching the scales go up. I know this is what I need to do… but it is hard to readjust the brain!

– I am LOVING my training! I am certainly putting the extra carbs to good use in the gym, not so much lifting heavier but really isolating the muscles and focusing on my tempo and rest times.
– I had a “bis & tris” PT session with Zac this week. The actual session was torture- my arms are certainly very weak and they fatigue so quickly. At one point I had to stop and refocus as I just could lift any more! Zac was very patient with me and ensured that I pushed myself and completed each and every rep to my full potential. The next day I didn’t feel too sore, I was almost disappointed in myself that I didn’t maximise my time with Zac….but the day after… HELLO BICEPS!

– I didn’t use Sat and Sun as complete rest days, I did 20 minutes each day of LISS cardio in the gym then went for a long walk on Sunday afternoon, before the storm set in.

– Disappointed in myself for not being able to lift heavier. I don’t feel strong this week. I am getting through my workouts and enjoying them, just wish I could see some strength developing- especially now that I am eating so much!


– Normally I eat a different meal to that of my parents (where I am living for the next month or so until my USA visa is approved), however on Friday I cooked one meal that everyone could enjoy! I cooked homemade fish and chips that fitted into my macro count. I used NZ Hoki Fish and coated it in breadcrumbs, parmesan and mixed herbs and baked sweet potato fries in paprika, pepper and Himalayan rock salt, served with a side salad. It was a hit!

–I didn’t indulge in a “free choice” meal this week, and I feel slightly ripped off haha. I went out for lunch on Saturday but didn’t order my meal by choice- I ordered a protein chicken burger from Health Freak Cafe that had the exact macros that I would normally eat for my lunch on a high fat/low carb day.
I did however, indulge in a glass of red wine on Saturday night for a friend’s birthday but as for my eating, I stuck to the plan macro for macro and feel like I need to be maximizing these little treats whilst they are still worked into my plan. Hopefully next week I can plan something in advance so that I can really indulge- craving pizza!

– This coming week is the start of Week 4 and a continuation of Phase #2. I have meal prepped all my breakfasts, lunches and pre workout meals and organised/cut/weighed my vegies and carbs for my dinners which puts me in good stead for the week ahead.
– In saying that, I am really going to focus on my workouts this week. Monday I am starting with a bang, partaking in a heavy legs session with my girl Brooke at Snap in the afternoon. So nice to have my training buddy back and really looking forward to pushing myself in each and every session this week! Hoping to squeeze in a legs PT session on Friday with Zac (depending how I pull up after Monday’s session!)

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