Gut Health Seminar with Don Chisholm

13494909_10154345671018724_8568863747938329319_nToday I was lucky enough to meet Don Chisholm, a gut health guru and author of multiple health and nutrition related books. This afternoon I attended a short yet extremely informational (and moving) seminar at Dynamic Organic along with many other people wanting to improve their lifestyle and learn about the health benefits of bacteria and probiotics.

Now I was totally in my element learning about all things health and wellness related so I wanted to take in as much information as possible, which prohibited me from taking as many notes as I would have liked. But I didn’t want to look away! In saying that, Don has a “Get Your Health Back” series which you can access on YouTube , which I strongly suggest you check out so that you can get as much information from the man himself. I will however, share with you some of the key points that I learnt at today’s seminar in the hope that they move you and inspire you the way they moved and inspired me to want to live the healthiest and happiest life possible.
– We are 98% of our environment. Nutrition and what we put into our bodies is only the start! It is what surrounds us, how we move, how active we are, how much radiation we are exposed to, pollution, electricity, water, local and organic produce… and the list goes on!

We are not what we eat but what we absorb!

– Don had a strong opinion about cancer and shared facts with us about how if our society continues the way that it is, by 2040 everyone will have the dreaded C word! This shocked and moved me beyond words!
– He provided information (backed by research) about how cancer doesn’t survive in oxygen so we need to promote oxygen in our bodies. We can do this by exercising amongst other things such as eating green barley which creates red blood cells that carry oxygen around our body.

– Another moving fact is that currently, we are outliving our children. Our childrens diets are the worst they’ve ever been, even worse than wartime!

– He spoke briefly about carcinogenics– which are cancer causing chemicals found in radiation, prepared foods, cigarettes etc and also about Candida and how it fuels our sugar cravings.
– In saying that, it wasn’t all doom and gloom! Don provided many tips on how we can alter our environment to ensure our bodies and organs maintain a healthy makeup. Things such as using urine strips from the chemist to test our own PH levels is important, avoid living near powerless, remove dimmer lights and switches which provide “dirty” electricity were just the beginning.

FullSizeRender 3– Don spoke about radiation and how mobile phones, internet and wifi being so prevalent now, we are so much more open to radiation in our everyday lives.
– He suggested that if cells aren’t healthy, we are more susceptible to radiation and disease as healthy organs are full and won’t search for “completeness” from other things. That is why it is so important that we feed and nourish our bodies as well as possible!
– Having a healthy balance of minerals and vitamins can protect us from radiation!

STRESS. He could not emphasis enough about how stress is the biggest killer! Our body shuts down when we are stressed and doesn’t digest nutrients properly from our food, which prohibits us from being in our healthiest state. Stress can also effect our sleep patterns, thought patterns and general mental wellbeing.

Local and organic produce is so important. In one week of consuming mostly organic products, you can reduce the pesticides by 80%. Yes, it may be more expensive to buy organic in your week to week grocery shop, but in the long run, it will save you so much- possibly even your life!

Black pepper is so important in the diet. Add it to anything and everything as it increases nutrient absorption by 200%!

Hydration is very important as is providing good nutrition to our cells and having viable bacteria in the “gut”.

Before I left I bought his Probiotic powder which is a probiotic blend that contains 19 specially selected foods, broken down by a super-culture of probiotic for easy absorption into the digestive system. It is certified organic, gluten-free, free from GMO and dairy, vegan friendly and a product of Australia. The ingredients are incredible and I am super excited to see how this product can help increase my energy level, reduce sugar cravings and assist with my digestive problems too. Check out for more info!


Any thoughts/comments?

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