Consuming enough protein in your diet is essential in order to maintain muscle. Protein is an important macronutrient in our diet, not just for the calories that it provides but also because it aids in repairing and maintaining our body and it’s functions.
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Now, there are so many protein powders on the market that it can become overwhelming. I am personally very fussy when it comes to protein powders as I need it to not only be clean and of the best quality but I also need it to taste good. For that reason, I am using BioX Power Whey Isolate in Vanilla, which is delicious and so beneficial in my diet. POWER WHEY ISOLATE™ contains the pure essence of protein to help build and repair muscle tissue more efficiently.

Vanilla Flavour
Vanilla Flavour

– This whey isolate is manufactured using an advanced low temperature cross flow micro filtration, ultrafiltration and diafiltration process. This proprietary process ensures that all of the vital whey fractions are present intact.
– Power Whey Isolate is also infused with Powerzyme to help absorb those nitrogen-rich peptides.
– 100% ultra-pure whey isolate…no fillers!
– Virtually lactose, fat and carbohydrate free!


1. As a meal/snack replacement
– when you are feeling hungry and have no time to make a meal- snack on a shake, rather than processed or packaged foods.
– if you are not a breakfast person (who even are you!) having a shake if far better than not eating at all!
2. Post workout
– aid in recovery
– assists in muscle and strength gains
3. Added into oats, cookies etc to raise protein content
Below I have linked some of my favourite recipes that require protein powder. Click on each to see ingredients, macro counts and procedures.
Choc Protein Cookies
Peanut Butter Protein Balls
Protein Cheesecake
Vanilla Protein Pancakes

In my opinion, you can quite easily hit your protein intake by eating whole foods rather than supplementing it with a protein powder BUT let’s be honest- I don’t always want to be eating chicken, brown rice and broccoli that’s for sure.!
Even the most dedicated are still going to crave something sweeter at the best of times. Now unfortunately, not many “sweeter things” contain the amount of protein needed for a pre or post workout meal. That’s when protein supplements come into play. When I am craving something sweet, I can use protein powder to curb that craving and it allows me to mix up my diet a little but in the right way!

I have been using BioX protein powder now for about a month or so and I love it.
– I use the vanilla flavour and it tastes so damn good.
– It isn’t too sweet in that it tastes artificial
–  Light and creamy on its own as a shake with ice-cold water (doesn’t need milk to taste good)
–  Delicious as a milkshake with half milk, half water, half a banana and some cinnamon too!
– Versatile and easy to use in my cooking.
– Mixes well in a shaker bottle- no blending or crazy shaking required.
– No gritty texture or “bits”- very smooth.

This protein is available in 5 flavours: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry banana, choc peanut and also cookies and creme.
Buy yours today by contacting me HERE or click the link below!

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