10 WEEK GOAL: Train Insane & Eat to Grow. Increase Muscle Mass whilst maintaining a relatively low body fat percentage.
Date: 3rd July 2016 | Day: 42 of 70 | Current Weight: 54kgs

– So this week I celebrated another gain on the scales. Although only a pathetic 200g- I am confident that my body is beginning to react a lot more positively to this eating plan. I am feeling more energised, stronger during my workouts and I hate to say it- but actually a little hungry at times! Especially on my low carb/high fat days (Sat and Sun).
– I checked in with Nathan on Friday and unfortunately my body is not yet ready to move into Phase 3 of “cutting” just yet. He assures me that it should only be another week, but we will see! – So it’s another week of Phase 2 for me. What does this mean?
MON-FRI = high carb intake + daily weight training sessions + 3x HIIT/LISS sessions a week
SAT-SUN = low carb/high fat + rest days (as much as possible)

–  I had several social events on this weekend and all of which were breakfast dates. I was lucky in the fact that on Friday and Saturday, the events were at Health Freak Cafe which provide a breakdown of calories and macronutrients. This means choosing my meal was easy as they had the Paleo Kale and veg stuffed egg white omelette, which when adding a side of salmon, fitted my macros PERFECTLY as this is almost exactly what I make each morning at home.
– I made homemade healthy “Chicken & Chips” on Friday night, which allowed me to cook one meal for both myself and my family- which was actually appealing to them also. For some reason they don’t have the same love affair with basmati rice, chicken and green veg like I do 🙂

– Being winter here in Australia, I am finding that after dinner I am craving something hot and delicious. I’m not hungry as such, just craving a hot chocolate or cup of tea while I’m winding down from my day. I am allowing myself a hot drink at night- but it’s definitely been hard to choose a black tea when my mum is enjoying a milky hot chocolate with cookies or other sweet treats! I am LOVING the Twinings Vanilla Chai Tea or the traditional English Breakfast with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon on top!


– Felt great having a PT session again with Zac, although much to his disappointment I asked him to train Bis & Tris with me rather than legs. My upper body is so weak and definitely something I need to focus on. I struggled through a half hour session, and admittedly didn’t pull up as sore as I wanted to the next day, which means I’ll go even heavier and harder this week coming.
– Next week I am going to trial a few of the classes my gym has to offer. I am particular interested in the core class and TRX style circuit that the PT’s run a couple of times a week. Of course I will let you know how it goes 🙂

 – This week I worked full-time at school and had many early morning/after school PT clients scheduled so my HIIT sessions were affected by the busy schedule. I still managed to squeeze i the three HIIT session that Nathan requested, just not to the intensity/ length that I usually like. This week is school holidays so I will have all the time in the world to push it- and hard!

– Overall, this was an awesome week for me in both my nutrition and training.
– This is my opportunity to maximise my results. What I put in this week, in my effort, focus, training and nutrition will help shape my progress and determine my readiness to begin Phase 3.  – This is one week to put it in… and I sure as hell am gonna give it everything I’ve got!

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