Hopefully you have been following my IG so have heard some of my results from my latest BioXscan. I was hoping to get this done at the end of Phase 2 and Start of Phase 3, however, I have had to do another week of Phase 2 training and eating to get my metabolism where it should be and my gains to an appropriate level, ready to maximize my cutting phase (phase 3). Below is a more detailed breakdown of my scan and the gains, both positive and negative, that I have made over the past 6.5weeks.

So I think the best way to show you my results is to compare my scans from Week 0 (before I started on my journey with Nathan Rocks as my coach), Week 4 when I had finished Phase 1 and was beginning Phase 2 and NOW which is week 7, where I am hopefully finishing Phase 2 and ready to start on Phase 3.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 11.17.22 am
IMG_1655So where togo from here? I’m not sure yet! haha
I am just waiting to hear back from my coach to see what he suggests. I am a little disheartened I guess as I really wanted to see more muscle gains, but at the same time, I know that it takes time for the body to adapt and change, this time it’s just being a little more stubborn than normal! I will continue to follow whatever Nathan suggests as I do trust him and his guidance has been wonderful so far. My past 2 weeks have definitely been looking up, my training has been better, I am feeling stronger and I am loving the food (mostly!)

I do dislike that I don’t feel lean! There is no way I would get into a bikini right now and I certainly won’t be doing any filming or shoots until I am more confident in my body. Not that I don’t love my body- I am so thankful that I am fit and healthy and that it functions as it should, I just have a goal and image of myself that I want to strive to get to! It’s mostly my core… definitely noticing lack of definition!

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