10 WEEK GOAL: Train Insane & Eat to Grow. Increase Muscle Mass whilst maintaining a relatively low body fat percentage.
Date: 10th July 2016 | Day: 49 of 70 | Current Weight: 54.3kgs

This week’s update is going to be fairly short and sweet due to me posting about my progress and latest BioXscan results during the week. If you missed it, CLICK HERE as it has all the stats from Week 0 until now, which brings me to the end of Week 7. This week was a bit of a topsy-turvy week, so to speak, as we had to switch up my plan a little. Rather than week 7 being the start of my cut (Phase 3),  I had to continue on Phase 2 in order for my metabolism to catch up and for my body to react to the extra carbs as planned. 

Thankfully after passing on my BioXscan results and speaking with my coach Nathan Rocks on Friday, he has confirmed that we are able to go ahead and start Phase 3 as of next week! WOO HOO!

So read on to hear about what this next phase entails…

Pinot Poached Pear Salad- The Monk Bar & Kitchen

– This week I stuck to my plan perfectly. I actually felt hungry for each meal, which I think was due to the increased training and therefore higher expenditure of calories.
– I ate out a few times this week but each and every time I ensured I ordered salads with protein and no dressing so that it would fit my macros perfectly.
– I am trying to make my dinners more interesting by taking out all the ingredients needed to suit my macros, then thinking about different ways I can use the same ingredients but in more exciting ways. For example this week I diced all the veg and chicken and added it to a pan with my rice  to make a healthy “fried rice”. Then I added it to a half capsicum and baked it to make a stuffed capsicum !

– I was really slack with snap chatting my meals this past week and will make sure I keep on top of it next week 🙂 I struggled the last few weeks to keep them interesting as I was literally eating the same foods day-in-day-out. But next week I promise to be more open, which might help me to keep mixing things up in the kitchen and keeping my meals interesting!


– Afternoon legs session with Brooke. Definitely put the carbs to good use and the timing of my meals to train was timed to perfection. I felt energised, focused and strong.
– I took part in two morning classes at Snap Fitness- one was called “The Zone” which was a circuit style class, with a shoulder focus. The second class was a core class which consisted of purely ab focused exercised for 30 minutes.
– Chest session in the afternoon with my mumma. I had to teach her what a “spot” was but at least it allowed me to lift that bit heavier on the incline bench – I am so weak!
– After my scan I punished myself on the treadmill for 30mins which was already death after a good leg session on Monday.
– Went back to the gym in the afternoon for a back session followed by a long beach walk with Brooke to flush the legs.

– I tried out another class this morning called “Ascend” which was actually a lot like the Les Mills step class. Safe to say my legs were fried after this class.
– Came back to the gym in the afternoon for Bis and Tris lifting session with mumma.
– Morning HIIT session with Ali (60min circuit style)
– Shoulders session with my PT Zac. If you haven’t yet checked out his Facebook page or Instagram account… you really should!  For someone so young, he knows so freaking much. I love his style of training, he knows how to make 2kg DBs feel like 200 and knows exactly how to push me to my limit. This session was no different, he blasted my shoulders for 45 minutes, which left me with a pump all weekend! Zac’s support and genuine interest in my fitness journey and goals, makes him the perfect motivator, pushing me to not only trust the process but to believe in myself.
– 45mins LISS on treadmill


Really looking forward to next week and starting on Phase 3!  So what does this mean?
– A huge reduction in calories: mostly from carbs, but from fats also. On training days my carbs have literally halved, protein has increased by 10g and my fats reduced slightly. On non-training days (weekends) carbs pretty much don’t exist, fats go back up to Phase 2 levels and protein remains the same.
– No more cheat meals- which doesn’t both me as I didn’t really use them in the previous phases to their fullest potential any how! I like to eat clean and always choose the healthy options regardless of the day, occasion or event.
– I do however get a refeed day ever 10 days (my first being on Wednesday) where my carb intake becomes ridiculously high so that I can “reset”! I am really looking forward to this so I can add different things back into my diet that I have been missing such as oats, bananas, berries and yoghurt!
– I also have to complete 45 minutes of fasted cardio in the morning, which is going to be most likely my biggest struggle as I wake extremely early for clients sessions and am always starving! Knowing that I have to train clients, then myself before eating… sounds like torture- but I can do it 🙂 

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