abi-sports-thermic-xsABI SPORTS- THERMIC XS.

Thermic-XS is a thermogenic accelerator that:
– increases thermogenesis/ metabolic function
– encourages fat loss
– assists focus
– increases energy
– helps controls cravings and appetite
– These capsules are serious thermos, for serious performance.NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION:
Thermic-XS contains:
– Green Tea Extract
– Synephrine (aka “Bitter Orange”)
– a dash of uber concentrated Caffeine Anhydrous, which is absorbed faster by the body than other forms of caffeine!

simonemckenna.comWHEN TO CONSUME THERMIC XS:
– consume in the morning with water and food while determining your tolerance to the product
– I take one in the early morning  prior to my fasted cardio session and then one with my lunch, if I am in for a heavy weights session in the afternoon.

– I am seriously loving this product. I have only been using it for about 2 or 3 weeks but I am certainly noticing my body feeling and looking leaner. I am not as hungry, certainly curbs the cravings and I actually am training better during my fasted cardio workouts. Honestly, I can’t recommend this product any more highly!
– I have already shared it with three other friends and they too are loving the energy it provides, without leaving you feeling jittery or itchy like some pre workout products!
– Whether you are a serious athlete, or just getting your body ready for a holiday, special event or summer perhaps… I would certainly say give these capsules a try! I haven’t had any side effects…other than feeling less hungry and noticing more muscle definition!

Buy yours today by contacting me HERE or click the link below!


Any thoughts/comments?

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