Today I went back to my old stomping ground- F45 Training Studio in Mandurah.

I used to train here daily back in March and although I was loving the workouts and increase in my strength, stamina and energy, I went back to my usual routine of cardio training and weight lifting in the gym.

But, I’m back- and in a big way! Those who have been following me for a while know that I am on a massive quest to gain muscle while keeping a relatively low body fat percentage. Although I am making “reasonable” gains, I am wanting more. I have been working with a coach so my nutrition/diet is on point, my supp stack is perfectly matched (thanks to and my weight training is going well but in order to step up my progress- I have been doing fasted cardio each morning. I tried steady state but that was burning too much muscle… I struggle to build muscle so I needed to up the anti with my cardio and burn some stubborn fat!
That’s where Chappy and the team at F45 got on board!

So, as of today, I started back at the Mandurah F45 studio.

I hit the ground running with a “Panthers” style class at 9.30am ran by two of my fav coaches- Wayne and Chappy. It was a resistance training, full body circuit that left me feeling both energised and fatigued at the same time. I can’t even describe how good I felt leaving the studio. I paired up with one of Mandurah’s”off-duty” F45 coaches, so with her being alongside me and motivating me to increase my weights and reps…and then having Chappy & Wayne pushing us to take the high options for each exercise, it is safe to say, I am now confident my training is where it needs to be.

Now, don’t let this scare you!

The boys pushed me because they know me and they know my fitness goals. New clients to the studio are obviously pushed to their own level and abilities so don’t feel that F45 isn’t for you! F45 is for EVERYONE.. .regardless of age, ability and fitness level .The team here will look after you and make you feel at home from the first minute you step through the door. In fact, so do the members! Everyone gives a high five at the end of the session and are always so encouraging through each circuit that you actually end up being your own motivation too!

I can’t really explain it… you just have to try it for yourself! I have had so many friends join up and all of them are simply loving it… not only for the social aspect (which is awesome) but also for the gains/losses that they are experiencing.

All you have to do is drive to the studio…leave the rest to the seriously passionate and dedicated coaches!
Jump online now at and sign up for a free trial. Don’t look at my progress pics in a months time and wish you had started too.

The time is NOW – Hope to see you there!

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