F45 Functional Training… If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then it’s most likely you haven’t read about the fitness craze that’s taken over Hollywood and now Australia, due to the amazing results people are bragging about! It’s safe to say that you probably don’t follow me on snapchat (which you totally should- simone.mckenna) and it’s possible that you’ve been living under a rock! JUST KIDDING… BUT SERIOUSLY!

F45 is a combination of functional training, group fitness, and personal training all rolled into a fun and social, 45-minute high intensity workout. It is a series of circuits, with each exercise targeting a particular area of the body. This morning I took part in “Athletica” which is a cardio focused class. We moved through rotations that required us to get our heart rate soaring through the following exercises: battle ropes, jump squats, bench jumps, burpees and more!

Romans ResistanceTomorrow (Tues 9th August) I will be training at Mandurah’s F45 boutique gym at 4.30pm to take part in the “Romans” class. Although I haven’t done this class before, I believe that I am in for a real treat- think walking lunges with sandbags above my head, pushups with resistance bands and kettle bell squats! A Romans class is typically resistance focused, which almost guarantees weight loss, increased energy and improved fitness… not to mention all the benefits it provides for our bones and vital organs!

If you are new to this kind of workout, there are videos in front of each station showing the exercise, a great variety of weights provided in order to cater for different abilities and strength, plus there are a number of trainers at each session walking around helping and encouraging participants. But, don’t feel worried about it- come along with me tomorrow and we can both be “newbies” together!

Although to be honest, with or without me, you’ll be fine! Chappy and the team at Mandurah F45 will take good care of you! In fact, F45 is more than a group fitness session, there is a higher level of camaraderie, so don’t be alarmed if you are high five-d by the entire class at the end  of the session!

Hope to see you there,
Simone x

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