gym-junkie-22Calcium is an important mineral for building strong and healthy bones and as our bones make up approximately 99% of the body’s total calcium stores, it is important that we look after them! If adequate calcium is not consumed in our diet, it is removed from the bones to help meet other needs in the body and over time, our bones become weaker. However, gone are the days when we had to douse our cereal in milk or eat tubs of yoghurt to hit our recommended nutritional intake. (RDI = 1000mg)

Say hello to the “Power Plants” that can provide you with not only calcium for strong bones but many other vital minerals and vitamins also!

1 cup pf cooked collards has about 266mg of calcium PLUS healthy amounts of other bone building vitamins such as vitamin K, magnesium and carotenoids. Other greens with high calcium include: mustard, turnip, kale, bok choy and broccoli.

3-ounces of tofu (made with calcium sulphate as a coagulant) provides almost half of your daily needs.


2 tbsp is 130mg of calcium
1 tbsp of whole sesame seeds offers around 100mg

Craving something sweet that still contributes to your calcium needs? Dried figs are the way to go. Half a cup provides approximately 120mg of calcium. Add them to your oats, salads, yoghurt or even try baking an energy slice or protein balls with them too!

img_1566No matter how many calcium rich foods you consume, your bones also need many other vitamins in order to be strong and healthy. The list below provides many other plant-based sources for strong bones.
VITAMIN D: mushrooms, nondairy milks (almond, soy etc)
PROTEIN: powders, lentils, tempeh, hemp seeds
VITAMIN K: dried plums, kale, avocado
VITAMIN B12: coconut yoghurt
MAGNESIUM: quinoa, cocoa powder, pumpkin seeds
POTASSIUM: sweet potatoes, beans
OMEGA-3: walnuts, chia seeds

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