JPEG image-C0141C6A85AF-1This week has been “one of those” weeks.  No, I take that back… the last few days have been “a few of those” days. This week actually started off pretty great.
I trained super hard on Monday and ate really well too. I did F45 as my 5am fasted cardio then followed it up with a full day at school and then one of my best Chest & Tris workouts at the gym.

On Tuesday, I smashed three awesome sessions. I started my day with an F45 class, as my fasted cardio, then trained Glutes and Hammies after meeting a girlfriend for pancakes as my pre workout fuel and then a wicked Back & Bis session with Ali in the evening.

And in all honesty, Wednesday was pretty rad too with my favourite F45 class in the morning (22) followed by a short but strong Shoulders session in the early afternoon. However, Wednesday night was a late one as mum and I went to the theatre, which meant we didn’t get home until close to midnight, which doesn’t seem so bad- but as I get up so early (and I’m a total Nanna) my body was not used to it, and I think this caused the downward spiral!

Thursday morning I was up before 5am for the Team Training session followed by many PT clients and my own “Quads & Calves” workout, which was very average and pretty much was a waste of my time. As I had promised to meet one of my followers for her first F45 session, I did have a pretty good workout Thursday arvo! It’s almost impossible to have a bad workout there as even when you rock up tired or fatigued, between the music and the trainers… you are pushed to your limits! Thursday night I had the most amazing dinner with some of my closest friends at my friend Nila’s house, which ended up being another late night where I wasn’t in bed until after 11pm.

Friday I was up for a 6am F45 class followed by a day at school teaching sport! I didn’t train tonight, instead after my PT clients, I took a hot bath to rest and reset. I know I’m going to need all the sleep that I can get tonight so that I am re-energised and ready to hit F45 tomorrow morning followed by a heavy legs session at the gym after with Ali.

SO… now that I’ve physically written it down, it doesn’t seem that bad! Half an hour ago I was feeling really down and hating on myself and my body, as I felt like I had wasted a week. It is so easy to let one little obstacle (or lack of sleep!) get in the way of a positive mindset. I was actually starting to regret that I ate out so much this week- I had so many important people to catch up with and although I chose super healthy options, it is just such a change to my usual strict routine, that it had me feeling like I had taken two steps backwards. But I haven’t, not in the slightest.

It is so important to just take the time to reflect, to acknowledge the positives in each and every day and also to reset from any negative thoughts or feelings! By doing so, we will be ready to give 100% effort, dedication and energy into the next day. Why wait for Monday, when there is a perfectly good opportunity today!

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