img_3438So the most popular question that I got asked before I left home was in regards to my eating and training whilst I am travelling. For those of you who know me personally, you know that these two things are a priority in my life and I consistently  plan them into my social plans/ regular routines  so that I can stick to my nutrition plan and training guideline as much as possible. Because fitness and food is a lifestyle for me. I am not training for a particular event nor do I have a finish  date in which I can “cheat”, “give up”, “let loose” etc. So for me, not a lot changes when I travel. But for those who struggle to stick to routine, I have decided to post some of my best tips and tricks to staying healthy and active, as well as “guilt-free” whilst away from home.

So whilst it can definitely be harder to stay on track with your nutrition while you are away from home…have no fear, it can be done!  It just requires a little extra planning and preparation.

So who else freaks out about the food choices when they’ve booked a long flight or multiple long flights? I am such a fuss pot when it comes to plane food. There isn’t usually a great deal of options and even less healthy options, which is why I would highly suggest packing some of your own foods. I’m not saying you have to turn down what is offered, but in my case, there was nothing that I wanted to eat so chose to snack on some pre-packed nuts and my protein shake rather than the breakfast options that were offered. In fact, flying from Perth to Sydney I calculated the amount of sugar offered whilst in transit. Flying on Qantas the breakfast on offer was either a cooked breakfast with sausage and eggs (I don’t eat red meat so it wasn’t even an option for me) So, the cereal and yoghurt it was for me! Nutrigran, milk, honey and banana flavoured yoghurt, a cinnamon and choc muffin and orange or apple juice. As you can imagine, I was disappointed and so glad I had packed some of my own healthy foods so that I didn’t have to waste my calories on something I really didn’t want to eat!

Some foods that I generally don’t leave home without include:
– protein powder
– nuts (cashews/almonds)
– protein bars
– dried fava beans or chickpeas
– Water – Stay hydrated!
If you are anything like me, I eat regularly and I like to eat volumes foods. Therefore, whenever I arrive at my accommodation I always do a quick shop at the local supermarket to grab the essential like mixed leaves, chopped green vegetables, eggs, tins of tuna and water! That way, if I am hungry throughout the day or when I am lounging around, I will eat nutrient dense foods (that will provide me with important micronutrients too) rather than picking at foods I really don’t want or need. You get the idea! Be prepared!

Which leads me to my next point- choosing your indulgences wisely. You are on holiday, you deserve to let your hair down a little or indulge in some foods that you don’t usually allow yourself. But that doesn’t mean your goals get put on the back burner. If you want pizza, wine, dessert then go for it! But make sure you really want it! Don’t just order a cocktail because you are on the beach… order the indulgences because you actually want it and it will improve your experience (not leave you feeling sick!)

When you know where you are going to be travelling to, be sure to jump online (try Zomato or Trip Advisor) ahead of time  and bookmark a few must try places. That way, you can glance at the menu and choose places you actually want to eat at before making rash decisions on the spot. How often are we sucked in to somewhere that doesn’t have what you really want because you’ve already sat down, or you’re too hungry to look over multiple menus before deciding? This way, you also have a rough idea of what you will eat at each place and can organise the rest of your meals around that! Say I am going to a seafood bar for dinner and I am set on the salmon, I know I will limit my fats during the day to allow for it!

Holidays are the best time to get active. Get out and about and explore your new surroundings on foot. Google local walking trails, hike, hire a bike and ride along the boardwalk, even just spend the day wandering around the city- heck, shop if you must 😉 

Now, no matter how many minutes you’ve spent walking, riding or sight seeing, this is an added EXTRA to your training. It’s like people who tell me that their job requires them to stand all day long or do lots of walking soothes don’t need to work out. WHAT? No! You need to lift some weights or do some resistance training for your muscles and bones! Get into a yoga class to relax or a pilates class to unwind…just do what you can when you can!  I try to stay somewhere with a gym or pool or at the very least has an affordable gym close by, this way I can fit in a workout no matter how jam packed our day may be, or I can start my day that little bit earlier to work around our planned activities.

Holidays are my favourite, but I also know how my body feels if I don’t keep as close to my regular routine as possible. I LOVE to workout, I LOVE healthy, nutritious foods, so it is easy of me. Don’t get me wrong: I certainly let my hair out by eating more and also eating foods that are not usually on my eating plan. But I know that personally, I enjoy my holidays so much more when they don’t set me back from my goals, don’t disrupt how my body feels or how I feel about my body.

I hope this helps you to holiday the healthy way 🙂

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