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Staying fit and healthy is always challenging when you lead a busy life. It’s not always easy to get yourself to the gym but there are other ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep yourself fit with the help of these amazing Australian health influencers.


Nic Davidson (@niccyboy)
Self-proclaimed health and fitness fanatic, Nic Davidson has created more than one avenue for his passions, including businesses such as Matcha Maiden, Matcha Mylkbar and the Bushy Creative. His passion for fitness and business have turned him into a business mogul and a successful health and fitness inspiration. Nic grew up in a sporting family, where he became a professional athlete. Since finishing his professional athletic career, he has instead followed the business route, taking his passion for both health and business, combining them into an online business and restaurant that has become largely successful. His Insta-blog is very much focussed on his daily life. Nic often posts about his daily adventures, which includes teasing his golden retriever Paul with “various silly photos and videos” as well as images of his travels and a mixture of his health and fitness routines. His business success has seen his products for sale in stores such as Urban Outfitters in the United States and has seen him becoming a finalist in the Telstra Business Awards for his Matcha Maiden venture. Read all about his success here.

Karla Gilbert (@karlagilbert)

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-8-00-30-pmLiving in a hectic environment makes it hard to keep your body healthy. Karla Gilbert is here to help you understand how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromising your busy lifestyle. Karla became interested in nutrition at an early age, as she was competing and winning as an Ironwoman when she was a young girl. Still competing nationally in standup paddling, Karla is dedicated to helping others find the happy balance between a busy life and a healthy life. Her blog, Iron Mum Karla, consists of tips and tricks regarding mental, physical and nutritional health, no matter how busy you are, “Blogging was my way of sharing my knowledge through experience. I think if you have a gift for something it’s your duty to share what you know and pass on what may inspire others.” She also loves to share photos of her competing in stand up paddling on her Instagram. Karla also gives healthy alternatives to treats that you can make at home that won’t compromise your energy levels or your health. Her blog has been active since 2010, and her passion for health and fitness has maintained strong and so has her passion for helping others. Read about her incredible fitness journey here.

Simone McKenna (@simonemckennablog)
Simone’s passion for fitness is truly inspiring. At the age of 28, she has earned her Bachelor of Education degree, worked as a sports co-ordinator for a primary school in Perth, and now has delved into a career of fitness. Simone began her blog, Simone McKenna, so that those who were inspired by her fitness journey could keep up to date with her latest workouts as well as finding recipes to keep their healthy diet balanced. Not only does Simone post recipes and her latest tips and tricks, but she also posts videos of her training and what sort of training works for her. She also reviews restaurants in her local area that are delicious and healthy and shows her client’s transformations thanks to Simone’s guidance. Simone offers personal training, custom meal plans and training guides for those who are inspired by her. She has recently moved to Ohio in the United States, but she continues to update her blog and her Instagram, where people can ask her for advice and find her latest videos and updates. Find out more about Simone’s incredible career here.

Owain Matthews (@owainmatthews)
Owain Matthews has been active all his life; his love for sports and an active lifestyle has inspired him to work with his passion and inspire others in the field of health and fitness. Owain grew up in the United Kingdom, where he would run competitively all across the globe. Since moving to Australia, Owain has trained himself to become an Ironman and a triathlete. Owain has created his blog, Owain Matthews, so that he may communicate his success and transition to triathlon “after many years spent as a runner in the UK”, as well as inspiring others in their fitness and active lifestyles. Owain offers coaching and encourages everyone to get active in their daily lives. His Instagram consists of photographs of himself competing in triathlons as well as his daily activities, which he spends with his children. Owain has been named the Ironman World Champion 70.3 M35-39, and his incredible dedication to health and fitness is a great inspiration for others who are trying out a new fitness journey. Owain always recommends combining exercise with daily activities, alongside your family or whilst you’re travelling. You can read about his transition to triathlons here.

Kristyn Schultz (@kristyn.schultz)
Kristyn Schultz is proof that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and are dedicated to something. Kristyn is 26 years old and moved to Australia from South Africa in 2011, where she began to lose sight of her health and fitness, and she gained a bit of weight. She then decided to improve her life by introducing a health and fitness routine into her daily routine She has since created her own YouTube channel, and Insta-blog, where she posts recipes, fitness tips and tricks, as well as updates on her daily life. Kristyn has also developed her own online coaching business and is an IFBB Bikini Competitor. Her posts on Instagram include her body transformation process, inspiring quotes and delicious food that inspires others to eat clean and healthy. She is determined to inspire girls that “it is 100% possible to turn your life around and become fit and healthy”, and inspire others to change their views on the health and fitness industry. She also debunks a lot of myths about losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, even if you’re leading an extremely busy lifestyle. Discover her incredibly inspiring journey here.

Katie Guyatt (@katieguyatt)
Katie Guyatt has been inspiring people for a long time. After graduating from school, Katie moved to England for her gap year, where she lost her motivation to exercise and her self-esteem became very low. Moving back to Sydney, she embarked on a new fitness regime, developing a love for herself again as well as losing weight and becoming healthier and gaining her confidence back. Katie’s blog is full of amazing lessons and guides to get back into shape and develop a healthy lifestyle. Her Instagram is where she shows off her fitness journey and her transformations. Katie has a love for cooking, and her Instagram is full of fresh foods and mouth watering recipes. Katie’s goal is to challenge others to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as inspire anyone that anything is possible if you are committed to something. You can read all about her inspiring story here.

Whether you’re a gym junkie or unable to tear yourself away from the office, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself fit and healthy. These up and coming Australian fitness influencers are here to help and inspire those who are in need of motivation, or who want to improve their skills. If you’re looking at making your own gym at home or hoping to run a bit further with some of the coolest fitness gadgets, you can find everything you need in our large collection of sports and outdoors products.


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