I feel so very proud to have been recognized as one of Australia’s Up and coming healthy influences by My Deals Australia. They recently published an article about me, which has motivated me to continue to follow my passion and live out my dreams. The full article can be found HERE or read below for more!

“There’s no better feeling than finding something you’re truly passionate about and putting your entire life into it. This can be said for Simone McKenna, who was working as a classroom teacher, only to find herself following her passions and becoming a personal trainer. Simone kicks butt in and out of the gym; when she’s not sharing motivational fitness tips and tricks, she’s spending her time reviewing the tastiest foods and offering her own recipes. There’s nothing she can’t do! If you’re ready to get back into fitness or just need some fitspiration, get up and moving with Simone’s kick-ass advice!”

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