Can  you believe January is almost over already? It feels like only last week that I was writing out our January challenge. Speaking of, who committed to the Jan challenge? Did you manage to keep a food diary of everything that you consumed each day? I’m proud to say that I did. It was the best way to keep myself accountable- was I eating because I was hungry or because I was bored? A lot of my unnecessary eating was on Monday’s when I get home  from the gym around 1pm and have no other plans until my husband gets home from work around 7pm. So now that I can physically see this, I have changed up my schedule for the next few Monday’s. I will now go from the gym to the store and no my groceries shopping for the week and then do my food prep on a Monday instead of a Sunday. That way I will be busy, have a plan and be super motivated seeing my nutrition plan for the week! How did you go?

FEBRUARY CHALLENGE comes in two parts, either a FAST FOOD FREE FEB or a WHOLE FOODS IN FEB challenge, depending on where you are starting.I hear quite often about people being pushed for time, tired or too busy to prepare home cooked meals so resort to buying and consuming fast food, even if they tell me that “it’s really not want they want to be eating”. So, I have set the challenge of a FAST FOOD FREE FEB. I challenge you to go a whole month (the shortest month if that makes you feel better) of not eating fast food/ take away. I’m not saying don’t go out for a meal or don’t get a salad “to go” but stay away from any of the fast food chains for the duration of the month.

Now I also want to acknowledge that a lot of my followers and friends are already do the above challenge on the daily. If you already don’t eat fast food then I encourage you to participate in the WHOLE FOODS FEB challenge. What does that mean? It means limiting the amount of packaged food/ drinks that you consume. It can be one particular item you eat a lot of (like granola bars or monster energy drinks- whatever your weakness may be!) This may mean you will be cooking or preparing that little bit more, but it will be worth it.

I am personally participating in the WHOLE FOODS FEB challenge. I don’t eat a lot of packaged products but I am guilty of using tinned foods (diced tomatoes, chicken broth, tomato sauce, pasta sauce etc) more often than I used to. Therefore I am committing to making them myself from scratch for the entirety of February.

Let me know if you are participating in the simonemckenna.com team February challenge by commenting with your name below and be sure to tag #simmckteamchallenge in your photos on instagram.

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