Simone McKenna - Personal Trainer

Just because you don’t have a gym membership or a selection of weights or a single machine at home, it doesn’t mean you can’t get in a solid workout!

You already possess all the “equipment” needed in order to design a kick-butt/ get-fit program at home. What equipment am I referring to? Your own body.

Resistance training is essentially the act of lifting a weighed object in a way that works your muscles. Any object of mass fits the profile, whether is be a dumbbell, barbell, sand bag, or even your body!

Some people may think that because they are not lifting a physical object, that the workout is not as effective but that is incorrect. The difficulty of the exercise depends greatly on your body type and the exercise being executed. People who store majority of their weight in their bottom half may find a reverse-crunch more challenging than someone who stores their weight in their torso, due to the disposition of weight. Just because you can’t change the weight (unlike a barbell or dumbbell) doesn’t mean you can’t alter other aspects such as the angle, leverage, surface stability etc.

So what are some of my favorite body-weight exercises?
1. Push ups
2. Squats
3 .Lunges
4. Burpees
5. Mountain Climbers
6. Calf Raises
7. Crunches

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