Today’s post is of a different kind. It doesn’t include a workout, a tip or piece of gym advice, nor is it a recipe or restaurant review. It is in fact, my own story. It is my journey of where I started, where I’ve been and where I’m at.  This incredible fitness journey so far has been filled with so much learning, new challenges, a new career, a hobby, a website, new motivation, rewards, new confidence, led me to meet so many new people- many of which have become my friends and most definitely a new life…and one for the better at that!

I guess my fitness lifestyle began back in high school when I joined my local “women’s only” gym. I was active every day and enjoyed participating in all the group fitness classes- especially spin and step! But I honestly didn’t change my lifestyle until 2014! I left a long term relationship, which unfortunately led me to lose more than half of my friendship group (sad but true), moved out of the first house I bought to live in an apartment on my own (paying my mortgage & rent wasn’t so nice!) and had to find new things to make me happy! Which is where I found my love of  lifting and living a healthy lifestyle. I was on my own now and had to fill my time with things that made me happy…I could be selfish for the first time in my life! So I bought a bike and rode almost everywhere that I could. I rode to the gym, to friends houses, dinner dates, the beach, my parents house…anywhere within a 1-2hr frame! I also started walking every day. I found walking along the beach was my sanctuary. I could think, plan, dream and escape reality for an hour every day! I was still working out in the gym every morning with my friend Danni- which looking back, was probably more of a social thing than actual hard work ?

I was still eating a relaxed & balanced diet, eating relatively clean during the week and certainly not counting macros, I don’t think I even knew what they were! Weekends however, were filled with alcohol, packaged goods and meals out at restaurants or friends houses. So I was of course playing that ever popular game of working hard during the week and ruining it all every weekend.

As my love of lifting became more prevalent, I decide to take charge of my body and really challenge to eat better to see if I could combat this feeling of never being satisfied with myself. I cut out most packaged goods, I didn’t consume added sugar and I started counting macros. It was here that my obsession took over. I discovered how genuinely good I felt eating a clean, nutritious diet of whole foods and supplementing my workouts with the right caloric intake. People around me started noticing how happy I was and the changes that took place with my body composition and weight. People started asking for my tips and advice of how I managed to “lose weight” even though to be honest, my weight didn’t change too much until around a year later. I started my journey at 65kgs / 143lbs. I can’t quite remember the actual weight I was each year leading up to my current weight but I know that I have hovered between 52-54kgs / 115-118lbs (13-16% BF) for the past 2 years. Obviously depending on my goals whether I am bulking or cutting, depends on my actual weight and body fat percentage.

So as I started helping others to reach their exercise and fitness goals, I realized that I could actually make something of this! I started a fitness, health & happiness blog called “Sunny Side Up” in which I shared workouts, recipes and tips to finding happiness through health!

As time went on, I became 100% dedicated to my health. I studied to become a certified Personal Trainer, a qualified Nutritionist, a wellness coach & online influencer. I would wake at 4am every morning to get my workout in before teaching Health and Physical Education 5 days a week/6 hours a day. I created which has opened so many avenues for me both professionally and socially. People from all over the world would contact me in regards to training and health. It became a side hobby which supplemented my genuine desire to succeed and became an outside factor to help motivate and encourage me to continue to push myself! I was committed to consuming the healthiest of foods and sticking to my exact macros by weighing my food, choosing only whole foods and encouraging others to do the same. I ate out very rarely and only consumed alcohol on special occasions such as weddings and celebrations. I wouldn’t eat cake on my birthday or splurge on a treat for any reason other than if I genuinely wanted it and wouldn’t beat myself up about it! I guess I was a little too obsessed for quite some time, even feeling anxious or upset over food on many occasions.

What changed me to living the balanced lifestyle that I live now? Probably moving to the USA, competing in my first fitness competition and being 100% happy! Once you find that happy medium, where you can still work hard in the gym,  have a healthy relationship with food & your body, where you can still be equal parts strict and social without feeling guilty, you find a happiness and self confidence like no other!

If you are stuck in a rut, lacking motivation, don’t know where to start or need any help or guidance… contact me! I would love to help you find your happiness & healthy self! Don’t be afraid to start your journey towards a healthier you. Take my word- you won’t regret it!


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