Are You Prepared for the Food You Eat?

Yesterday I was lucky enough to sit in on a Core Life Lesson at Core Life Eatery in Polaris. Core Life eatery is passionate about helping everyone take charge of their life through the food they eat. Once a month or so, Core Life hosts various local experts on food, health, fitness and wellbeing to create conversations about how great it feels to live a healthy lifestyle!  Yesterday’s CoreLife Lesson was led by Dr. Randy Wurts of InThrive Chiropractic! During his lecture, he spoke about how nerves, stress, and how we eat affects how the body uses food. It was not only an informational seminar but a wonderful reminder of how we can take charge of our health in all aspects of our life, INCLUDING THE HOLIDAYS, because after all…Health is a choice, not a chance!


Randy began by asking us to close our eyes. He created a vision of a deer in some grasslands, grazing on grass and sipping water from a river or stream, he reminded us that at this moment the deers brain and nervous system is ingesting food and processing it for digestion. However, all of a sudden if a tiger was to come into the scene and start chasing the deer, what would happen to digestion? The same foods are being ingested, but are they being digested? Do you think the brain is telling the body what nutrients to store etc? No- the deer is now in fight vs. flight mode and just simply trying to survive. This is similar to our bodies. When we consume food amongst friends and family and when we are relaxed, our bodies process and digest the foods much more productively than when we are stressed.

What does stress do to our body? I’m glad you asked. Stress increases cholesterol, increases blood sugar levels ,Increases triglycerides, increases our heart rate, usually means we get less or low quality sleep, our immune system goes down, our cortisol levels go up… should I continue? Cortisol, also known as our stress hormones, are those nasty hormones that make us crave fats and sugars such as ice cream and pizza! Stress is also the factor that enables us to gain unwanted weight around our midsection as it is trying to protect our organs. Stress… is clearly not ideal!


Holidays can cause stress for many- whether it be the phobia of all the tempting foods, the abundance of foods, the preparation, the entire event of entertaining etc. Holidays can become overwhelming! What so what are some of the tops Randy shared with us to combat this stress?

  • It is a holiday not holidayS- enjoy the day and food with family and friends, don’t celebrate it for the entire week and feel guilty for it after!
  • Start your day with a walk or run to get the body moving and blood flowing
  • Plan your purchases- are you going to be left with excess food in the house that you will be consuming for the next few weeks?
  • Stick to routine
  • Share the food preparation
  • Walk after your meal
  • Eat slower


Bacteria are our secret little helpers. We need good gut bacteria to help us to use the foods that we ingest to our best ability. Did you know that our gut flora provides 80% of our immunity. It’s easy to see why it is so important. Probiotics allow our body to grow good bacteria (alcohol kills them). Randy reminded us of the importance of having fermented foods such as sauerkraut, keifer & kombocha in our diet also.


Water is so important for our body. Not only to help flush toxins from the body and to assist in having a healthy colon, but for reasons such as our skin, organs and energy levels too. It is vital that we sip water all day long in order to stay hydrated. Some nutrients and vitamins such as Vit B and C can only be utilized when water levels are adequate. Also, did you know that drinking water whilst eating (especially cold water) dilutes your stomach acids which may lead to difficulty digesting foods?

Health is a choice not a chance!

This seminar was a great reminder that we all have the opportunity to live as healthy as we possibly can. We all have different levels of how active and physically healthy we can be in regards to past accidents, illnesses etc but we have the power to enhance our health, each and every day!

Be sure to follow CORE LIFE EATERY COLUMBUS on FACEBOOK to see their upcoming events, seminars and discussions. It’s a great excuse to enjoy 50% off your meal afterwards too! I highly recommend the Spicy Chicken Ancient Grain Bowl!




2 thoughts on “Are You Prepared for the Food You Eat?

  1. Dr. Randy Wurts says:

    Greetings Simmone,

    Thank you for your kind words in your blog post and your willingness to write about the presentation. Perhaps I did not mention a colleague’s name when providing a quote. Adrienne Raimo of One Bite Wellness has the quote of ” Remember it is a holiday not holidayS” I just would like to give credit where credit is due and perhaps I did not mention her saying that in my presentation. Also, keep up the good work on your end promoting health and fitness. YOU are making a difference not only in your clients lives, but the people in their lives as well.

    Be Well
    Dr. Randy Wurts

    Liked by 1 person

    • Simone McKenna says:

      Oh thank you so much for commenting! I am so passionate about health & fitness and felt very honored to have been able to participate in Saturday’s seminar. I will update my post and include the reference listed above. Thanks again- I hope we cross paths again in the future. – Simone


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