We work so hard everyday to improve our body and image, when we really should put as much time & focus on building a better attitude & mindset. When you remove negative influences and attitudes and focus on the positive, you open your mind to appreciate all the good things in your life, that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Having a positive attitude can also reduce your stress levels, which will make you feel better in general.

But how can you have a positive disposition when you’re going through a rough patch in life? Having a positive attitude doesn’t come naturally for some & requires dedication, hard work & training to achieve it. But it’s worth it!

A positive attitude doesn’t mean ignoring the troubles or problems that occur in your life. It just means that you are consciously and actively looking for the good in things, rather than concentrating on the bad. Sometimes our persepective can make all the difference and change a situation from being unbearable, to being a learning journey!

    Have a think about the areas in your life that might not be going so well as these are the areas that might make you think negative thoughts. Is it work related? friends? family? self? Write them all down, but focus on ONE area at a time and think of ways you can find the positive in the situation. Is it something you can make changes to or is it out of your control? If you cannot change it, is it worth your energy? If you can remove yourself from the situation or perhaps event yourself off from the toxic relationship that makes you feel this way? What can YOU do to improve the problem or at the very least, improve your view on it.
    Get up and get moving. Being active and healthy can give you a completely different outlook on life. When you feel better physically, you often feel better mentally, too. Plus, we all know the benefits of regular exercise- it’s science!
    Learn to love YOUR life, no matter what’s going on. Stop comparing yourself to others and the success that they are achieving. What are the positives in your life? Have fun and find the humor in every day, they say laughter really is the best medicine, right? It is amazing to think about the energy that you give off. Sometimes your interaction with a stranger can make their day, a smile does wonders and you just never know who you are cheering up by simply greeting them or smiling at them. Also, the energy you give off- your auroa even, can change everything! Honestly, try being the positive, bubbly, happy person in the office and see how others tend to become the same way!
    Hang out with positive people! If you can’t be the positive influence on others to begin with, try associating with the optimistic people and see how it rubs off on you. The more you hang out with positive people, the easier it will be to have a positive attitude!


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