My 80 Day Challenge started last week. With it brought a new training and nutrition program which gave me the opportunity to rethink, replan & rearrange my eating plan. So inevitably, my grocery shopping list had to change also! i’ve had the same list with my staple/ go-to foods on it for so long, i was nervous that this would mean an increase in my weekly shopping bill.

 Whilst getting the required nutrients and fitting in all my meals is super important to is the cost involved in eating and trying for success. I certainly don’t mind spending money on whole, clean & organic foods, but I need to make sure I am using the produce wisely so as to illiminate any unnecessary waste.I am so pumped to be following a clearly STRUCTURED & TIMED nutrition plan, as it will allow me even better results than just training alone!


1. HAVE A PLAN – Know what plan you are on (A, B, C etc) and ensure that your dedicated number of  “colors” are spread out correctly in your day (paying close attention to your pre and post workout meals!) Decide what foods you’ll be building your meals with ahead of your shop by having specific recipes planned out,so that when you arrive at the supermarket, you know EXACTLY what you’ll be buying and the EXACT quantities you’ll need.

2. MAKE EXTRA – The meal that you make for dinner on Monday, will most likely meet the guidelines for your Tuesday or Wednesday dinner meal also, so if you are pushed for time or lacking energy mid week- cook a little extra the night before and enjoy the same meal twice!
I am a sucker for this- I meal prep all of my lunches on a Sunday and literally eat the same thing every lunchtime, every day! It is just so easy! Of course, I swap the veggies and protein and carb the following week so I don’t get sick of the same thing week in, week out!

3. BUY FRESH & FROZEN FRUIT & VEGGIES  – My shopping cart is always filled with fresh fruit & vegetables. However,  I admittedly only shop once a week if I can help it, so come the end of the week- I am out of fresh food & rely on frozen veg to fill my meals. I usually leave my slow cooker meals to a Thursday or Friday so that the taste isn’t altered. I don’t think I would be too impressed sitting down to grilled chicken and frozen vegetables but I don’t mind them at all in a chili recipe or soup etc. I also LOVE frozen blueberries in my pre workout shakeology smoothies so I ensure my freezer always has frozen berries and prepared (peeled & halved) frozen bananas.

4. STOCK UP ON ‘SOS’ ITEMS – I cannot stress this point enough… ensure your pantry is stocked up with ALL THE NON-PERISHABLE ESSENTIALS. What do I mean by this? I mean all the items that will allow you to whip up a quick, easy yet nutritious meal over opting for take out to unnecessary snacking.  What emergency items do I always have in my cupboards? Glad you asked 😉  – Tins of Tuna – Diced Tomatoes – Chicken Broth – Oats – Basmati Rice – Black Beans – Kidney Beans – Salsa – Shakeology Protein Powder –

5. START AT THE TOP OF THE LIST– The higher the food is up the list, the better choice it is. For me personally, I will only buy items towards the top of the list. By purchasing the better options,  I am giving myself the best opportunity for better results! That being said, on the weekends, I allow myself to eat form the entire list… that way I still feeling like I’m getting a treat meal or “letting my hair down” without jeopardizing my nutrition plan!

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