Why I Became an Online Coach!

Why did I choose to become an online health and wellness coach just over 4 months ago So glad you asked! I needed a CHANGE! I needed an opportunity. I needed a community and I’ll come out an say it, I needed friends!

I was new to the USA,🇺🇸trying to pursue my passion of helping others to find health and happiness by providing nutrition and training guides via my website & personal training at the gym.💪🏼Although I was having small successes, it wasn’t growing as fast as I wanted as i literally knew NOBODY! I was just going through the motions, living day to day, wanting more, dreaming like there was no tomorrow but not actually doing anything about pursuing those dreams or fulfilling those goals. I finally took a leap of faith & jumped feet first into this amazing coaching opportunity that has allowed me to help change lives all over the country (actually in Canada and the UK too!)

Today, I am earning a pretty impressive “part time” income, have friends all over the country (who I cannot wait to meet in June), earning rewards and incentive likes clothes, equipment, tickets to Indy (no big deal!) The possibilities are endless🌟
Is it EASY being a coach? In so many ways, yes. You are provided with trainings and the guidelines, do the vitals, have fun, get paid to be fit, and make tons of new friends 👭 And in some ways, no. It takes time, energy & if you don’t have a true passion or fitness & helping others, then you’re wasting your time!🙆🏻‍♀️☺️But time is going to pass & energy creates energy right? So why not do something you’re passionate about and turn your “hobby” into your “career”!

This opportunity, is what you make of it. If you think it’s gonna be hard or you’re scared that you’re gonna be “that girl” that posts on social media, you will be. But if you believe that this opportunity will change your life and allow you to live a life the way you’ve always wanted, it will happen!🌈

I’m looking for 5️⃣ new coaches to mentor for the month of April. I want the girls who dream BIG and want to live purposeful lives and who aren’t afraid of a challenge!👩🏻‍💻
DM me today to hear more or CLICK HERE to apply!


Any thoughts/comments?

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