No Gym? No Worries!

OUTDOOR SPRING WORKOUT- NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED! SPRING IS HERE IN OHIO. After a cold winter, you are most likely wanting to get outside as much as possible right? Well, here is a  list “no equipment needed” exercises that can be completed anywhere, anytime and with anyone! No more excuses! I have generated a list of my […]

What is Your Motivation?

Motivation can be defined as the direction & intensity of a person’s behavior. It deals with what activities a person chooses to engage in and the effort they put into those activities. Typically we assess a persons motivation by observing their behavior. What do they do? How much effort/time do they expend/spend on an activity? […]

Cleanse & Refresh

As you may know, earlier this week I led a small team through a 3 day SPRING CLEAN ?? to press rest on our body & mind. The refresh combines 3 specially-formulated shakes + 1 fiber drink with whole foods to help you de-bloat, curb cravings & start eating more real, nutritious foods like vegetables, fruits […]

Are You Living Your Best Life?

“Although it’s good to try new things and to keep an open mind, it’s also extremely inspiring to stay true to who you really are!” – Gail Honeyman And who you are is ENOUGH!??When you are living the best version of yourself, you inspire others to live the best version of themselves also. So ask […]

Why Not You?

Laying out in the ?? sunshine yesterday, by the water? , on a team call?? with my #bossbabes allowed me to PRESS RESET in a big way. Some of you know I’ve been doing a SPRING CLEAN FOR MY BODY & MIND, eating clean foods, hanging out with friends, cleaning out my closet, etc. Yet […]

Non Scale Victories.

Although Sunday’s are typically my rest days, lately I’ve been using Sunday’s to test my PBs. Sunday’s are my least busy day of the week and I’m usually in no mad rush to get out the door early so I have more time to stretch, wake and eat appropriately too. This makes my lift so […]

Progress over Perfect!

About a month ago, I shared my girl @nikkibulluck‘s transformation and progress photo. After posting, she reached out to me asking if she could share mine in return. My heart sunk. I didn’t have one… especially not as impressive as hers! My day 1 starting weight has hardly budged & I didn’t think the couple […]

ROTTEN: The Truth is Hard to Swallow

Tell me you’ve heard about the new original documentary series from Netflix called Rotten? No? It’s about the business (and controversy) behind the food we eat! It is a six-part series, with hour long episodes, that gives an insight into the groceries we are buying as consumers and where they originate from. It looks at […]

Ultimate Spring Clean.

Ok, who saw my instastory? I’m in serious need of a little Spring Clean. I’ve decided that I need a little jumpstart or detox. Now I know I am not good with long cleanses, I also don’t do well with anything that doesn’t allow me to chew food (juice cleanse? No can do!) #iliketoeat But 3 […]

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