The Ripple Effect.

I’m so EXCITED about my next collaboration with @krogerco & @ripplefoods. In the last 12 months I’ve really restricted my dairy intake as it disagreed with my stomach, leaving me to feel bloated & irritable. 🍦Thanks to Ripple Nutritious Pea Milk, I can now enjoy their product as a smart and delicious alternative to use anywhere I’d typically enjoy milk: in my protein shakes, in coffee, or in a recipe! And nope… no bloat!💃🏻👙
Ripple milk is free from the top eight allergens, full of protein…and the best part? It tastes delicious.👌🏽Like for real, it’s smooth, rich & creamy. I actually drank it from the container! Can’t wait to share my NICE CREAM RECIPE with you, using this product!
#RippleMilk #MyMagazineSharing#FreeSamp


Any thoughts/comments?

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