How Do You Feel Towards Food?I used to plan my meals ahead of time so that I knew exactly what I would be eating. That includes going out for a social occasion. If it was planned that my lunch was chicken, potato & vegetables then that is what I would order. Don’t get me wrong, it worked from an aesthetic stand point- I could maintain/lean/bulk based on the foods that I was consuming, but mentally- it was hard!?

Going out or entertaining with friends & watching them eat the foods that I wanted but didn’t allow myself to enjoy was sometimes pure torture!???At the end of last year, I started a new fitness & nutrition plan that made me change my habits & allowed me to learn a new way to think of food!

I decided to slowly ween myself off weighing my foods and counting macros, instead paying attention to the TYPES of foods I was consuming.??Now I follow a more flexible nutrition guide that allows me to count food groups (fruits, veg, carbs, fats, seeds, proteins) as opposed to fussing over the actual “counts” of individual foods. I still choose to eat clean MOST of the time, but knowing that is MY choice makes me crave foods less! Like I can totally have it if I what it, which makes me want it less?! I have found that my anxiety over food has lessened and I no longer feel like I am missing out.

Can you relate? Is nutrition the “hardest part” to staying on track with your fitness goals? You’re not alone. I’ve been there. If you’re ready to try something new or willing to learn… let me help you take control! And yes… in moderation, pizza, wine & tacos are approved!

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