Although Sunday’s are typically my rest days, lately I’ve been using Sunday’s to test my PBs. Sunday’s are my least busy day of the week and I’m usually in no mad rush to get out the door early so I have more time to stretch, wake and eat appropriately too. This makes my lift so much more enjoyable and actually puts me in a better focus and mind zone too. So often we put a lot fo our focus on the physical changes and successes that our body achieves.  Whether that be fat loss, muscle gain, measurements etc. but the NON SCALE VICTORIES are just as (if not more) important than those we see in the mirror. NSVs allow us to measure our strength, stamina, time and capacity. Plus it gives a whole new perspective of goal setting & accomplishment.

I’ve been working on my NUMBER of tricep push ups, the TIME of my plank holds & my STRENGTH/WEIGHTS used on my shoulder press. What are your NON SCALE RELATED GOALS? I’d love to know.

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