Simone McKenna MotivationMotivation can be defined as the direction & intensity of a person’s behavior. It deals with what activities a person chooses to engage in and the effort they put into those activities. Typically we assess a persons motivation by observing their behavior. What do they do? How much effort/time do they expend/spend on an activity? What challenges do they choose? What do they do after a failure or when the task becomes too difficult?

In addition to behavior, motivation also involves understanding the way a person thinks and feels about a particular activity or task. People are likely to be more motivated when they think they have the ability to meet the demands of an activity while believing that they have some control in regard to what they are doing.

So tell me this… if you’re holding back from being your best self, why? Is it because you don’t feel that you can accomplish the set task? Perhaps you haven’t put a focus on it or dedicated enough time?

If I could act as your motivation/ accountability partner/coach until you build the confident, focus & time to do so yourself, would you take the chance? Because I believe in you. Trust me… I got you!


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