Laying out in the ?? sunshine yesterday, by the water? , on a team call?? with my #bossbabes allowed me to PRESS RESET in a big way. Some of you know I’ve been doing a SPRING CLEAN FOR MY BODY & MIND, eating clean foods, hanging out with friends, cleaning out my closet, etc. Yet yesterday got me to where I needed to be. Every other week we meet online & talk about our goals & dreams & our reason to do what we do!

Although my why is always to help & inspire others, it was extremely rewarding being recognized & rewarded with a nice bonus this week!??? I never thought I would be able to turn this passion & obsession for living a heavy lifestyle into an income & am just so pumped about where it’s going. Are you a hard worker? Eager to serve others? Wanting to live or already live a healthy lifestyle? Are you passionate? This could be you too! All I knew starting is that I wanted to help people… now with some hard hustle, a desire & drive to inspire.. I get to live my life the way I want to!!

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